Bottled up the Pumpkin Ale

We bottled up the Pumpkin Ale this evening, after 8 days in the fermenter. Normally, I would have racked it to a secondary fermenter for another week or so, but I wanted to be able to open a bottle (or two, or three…) for Thanksgiving next week, so no biggie. It smells pretty good, and tastes pretty good too (even for a green beer).

The final gravity is 1.014. So with the original gravity at 1.062, that equals an alcohol by volume of 6.3 percent. Not bad. I can’t wait to open a bottle up next week!

Oh, for the interested, I primed it with one-half cup of honey boiled in one cup of water. Yes, honey. It ferments thoroughly and cleanly, and seemed like the perfect complement to this beer. (And, I don’t have any corn sugar or malt extract handy to prime with…)