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Pumpkin beers from Oregon brewers

I’m not sure what it is about commercial pumpkin beers, but to a large extent they seem to be an East Coast phenomenon—I seem to see more bottled pumpkin beers from the eastern half of the country each year than elsewhere. (Though this might be changing.) And when it comes to Oregon brewers, well, I’ll just say for a state as in love with craft beer as Oregon is, you’re hard-pressed to find many breweries here making pumpkin beers.

(Of course, when it comes to fresh hop beers, there is a clear bias and abundance here—perhaps fresh hop beers are to the West Coast what pumpkin beers are to the East?)

There are a few, however, and I’ll be listing them here as I find out about them. I’m also issuing a challenge to Oregon brewers: let’s see some pumpkin beers! If you’re already brewing some, let me know!

Here’s the list so far:

Updated 10/21, added Block 15.