Pumpkin Beer Week wrap-up

My "Pumpkin Beer Week" moved along very well; I wasn’t lacking for anything to blog about, and in fact, I may end up doing a bit of a continuation—there may be some additional pumpkin beer samples coming my way, for one thing. Maybe at some point I’ll blog a Pumpkin Beer Month.

Special thanks in particular go out to O’Fallon Brewery, Lakefront Brewing, and Southampton Brewing for providing me with samples of their pumpkin beers to review. All were tasty and makes me wish (as I noted) that (any) Oregon brewers would take up the pumpkin.

I’m not sure if I’ll be doing a Theme Week next month—December is when I run my daily Advent Beer Calendar feature up until Christmas, which keeps me busy and I have too much fun with. On the other hand, why not? If I can think of a good theme—Winter Warmers/Christmas beers seems too obvious—I may go ahead anyway. Perhaps I should have a poll of what themes people would like to see?

And now, back to our regularly-scheduled blogging…