Pumpkin Beer Week: Pumpkin brews in the news

Pumpkin Beer WeekI don’t know if there’s been some sort of “pumpkin beer tipping point” this year, but it seems like there are a lot more pumpkin beer-related stories in the news that I remember in years past. At least, that’s judging by my Google News Alerts that hit my email inbox each day; empirically I want to say there’s at least one, sometimes two news stories a day about pumpkin brews.

A quick Google News search for “pumpkin beer” at this moment yields 928 results, which seems like a lot! Here’s some sample stories:

Many (most?) of the articles are, of course, reviews of several different pumpkin beers, in an overview format. But even so, there’s a lot of ink being written about pumpkin this year.