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Pueblo Indian corn beer

Jeffrey at Wort’s Going On Here? posted a link to this article on Study: Pueblo Indians Brewed Beer From Corn 800 Years Ago. It seems familiar but it’s pretty recent (the earliest reference I can find to it is from December 6th here). The gist is that it appears that the ancient Pueblo Indians of the American Southwest brewed a corn beer, hundreds of years prior to the arrival of the Europeans.

What makes this news is the fact that historians thought the Pueblos didn’t have beer—or fermentation—at all. Archaeologists have proved otherwise via a method that should be familiar to Dogfish Head fans: using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry on ancient pottery shards to detect the existence of organic beer compounds.

So it has to be asked: will Dogfish brew a Pueblo Corn Beer? It’s right up their alley… and since I struck out on my Dogfish prediction for last year with the Irish brew, I’ll have to go ahead and make sure it’s on my list of predictions for 2008.