Promotional package: Beck’s Oktoberfest

Today I received another promotional beer package, this time being Beck’s Oktoberfest—which will be perfect for next week’s Oktoberfest Week. Beck’s is of course the German beer which is imported and managed by Anheuser-Busch here in the States, but I didn’t know they made an Oktoberfest (although in retrospect it should have been obvious).

I received two bottles, and one of them has an enormously amusing and clever gimmick attached: a plastic handle that looks like the handle from a big Germain stein. It can be attached to any bottle of beer, basically, and it’s the first time I’ve seen something like this.

Check out the picture:

Beck's Oktoberfest promotional beer pack

Yep, it just snaps right on. I’ll be putting that on other bottles, you can be sure.

Look for my review of the beer during Theme Week next week.


  1. That’s a nice clever gimmick that Beck’s came up with. Works well if you like drinking right out of the bottle. If you’re going to go to the trouble of snapping on a handle to a bottle, why not just pour it into a glass with a handle? Beer tastes best when poured into a glass. Still, interesting promotional item.

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