Press kit packaging

As promised, here are some pictures of the packaging the Heineken press kit came in. It’s actually quite extravagant.

Heineken press kit package - metal case

The case it came in. Sturdy, lightweight, durable, and really cool. It’s slightly taller than a bottle of wine… I believe it’s a modified wine case.

Heineken press kit package - inside, with the beer and extras

Inside. The beer is sitting in the spot where the wine would ordinarily go. The top right is a heavy-duty Heineken bottle opener. The bottom (flashed out) is a mini-CD that contains promotional graphics and press release material. The lining is all padded and velvety.

Heineken press kit package - contents

Finally, the contents of the package released from their captivity. It’s a nice looking bottle, now sitting in the fridge for later consumption.

Ironically, I saw a commercial for Heineken Light for the first time tonight. Good timing!