Press Release: Magic Hat to Offer Special Limited Edition Mardi Gras 12-Pak

Jumbo Box of Beer Gumbo Will Benefit Katrina Assault Victims in Louisiana

Magic Hat Brewing Company has announced the release of a very limited edition Mardi Gras 12-pak to mark the season and support Crescent City women in need. The exclusive carnivale in a carton will be available only during the days surrounding the Vermont brewer’s legendary Mardi Gras Weekend in Burlington. Sales of this very special boxed krewe of brew will benefit the Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault’s Katrina Rape Victim program.

A Grand Parade of Promenading Potions

The festive Limited Edition Mardi Gras 12-pak will offer three bottles each of four different ales:

#9®  A reveling revolution of very-nearly-but-not-quite pale ale with a light-to-medium body; a nose of malts, fruit, and vanilla; a smooth malty sweetness; and a dry finish accented by an understated hop bitterness and a touch of tropical fruit.

hI.P.A.®  This mid-winter happening of hops has a fresh and fertile hop aroma filled with strong notes of pineapple. Our spring SeasonAle begins and ends quite hoppily yet has a supportive body of malts in the middle of every sip.

Circus Boy®  Our hazy shade of hefeweizen is a light-bodied unfiltered fat brewsday of ultimate drinkability whose wheat malt character is capable of quenching serious thirsts of all kinds.

Mardi Gras Mystery Beer®  A jazzed-out bottle of pourably good ju-ju, this light-to-medium ale honors the tradition of northern German pilsners. From its flowery nose of noble hops to its big-bite finish, it’s a refreshingly crisp and dry sensation filled with a pageant of hops from start to end.

*A Very Special 12-Pak for a Very Special Cause*

Proceeds from the sale of each Mardi Gras 12-pak will benefit the Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault’s Katrina Rape Victim initiative,, which seeks to ensure that victims of sexual assault during the hurricane’s aftermath get the services they need.

The first of its kind in Magic Hat history, this very special limited edition 12-pak joins the brewery’s other seasonal boxes, which together rotate through the four corners of the calendar to provide a selection of tastes attuned to the needs of each season.

Don’t miss the 12th annual Magic Hat Mardi Gras Weekend February 16-18. Details at

Magic Hat Brewing Company and Performing Arts Center, creators of #9®, Circus Boy® and Hocus Pocus®, supporting the Arts Community and educating consumers that "Great Sex is Worth Protecting."

Product samples available on request. Contact Kate La Riviere at (802) 658-2739.