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Press Release: Holiday Shopping Made Easy

Merchant du Vin has a wonderful solution for anyone looking down the road at the holiday shopping season: two great gift boxes, classic beers packed in cool boxes that will bring delight to both sellers and buyers.

The Samuel Smith Selection Box

The Samuel Smith Selection Box brings a great avor experience to long-time fans, or to beer lovers who are just getting interested. The box contains one 18.7 oz. “Victorian Pint” bottle each of Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout, Nut Brown Ale, and Old Brewery Pale Ale as well as an authentic logoed tulip glass and two coasters. This is a very elegant presentation of a true classic assortment.

Retails for about $11.99.

Samuel Smith’s Brewery, located in the village of Tadcaster, in Yorkshire, was established in 1758 and is still independent. Ales from Samuel Smith’s are all fermented in open-topped slate vessels (yes, stone) known as Yorkshire Squares.

The Lindemans Gift Box

To help folks discover the magic of the best-selling lambics in America, we are introducing the Lindemans Gift Box: a 12 oz. bottle of Lindemans Framboise (raspberry) lambic and a 12 oz. bottle of Lindemans Pomme (apple) lambic, each nished with a cork under the crown and a metal foil capsule. A gold-rimmed logo ute is included to complete the perfect elegant presentation.

Retails for about $15.99.

Lindemans Brewery, located in the village of Vlezenbeek, in Flanders, Belgium, was established in 1811 and is still family-owned. Every drop of ale from this brewery is fermented by wild, local airborne yeast – the brewers add no yeast at all.