Prediction Watch: Other stuff I forgot to mention

There has been (naturally) a number of items throughout the year that pertain to my 2009 predictions that I didn’t mention last time.

  • Jack Curtin posted back in April about a report from Beer Business Daily, indicating that the craft beer numbers (sales volume) were up the first quarter of 2009, despite increasing prices.
  • In July, the Examiner reported that New Hampshire’s largest homebrew club was growing, despite the economy.
  • “Beer is Recession Proof”: also in July. Note: “more people are drinking at craft breweries to avoid the steep prices of premium adult mixed drinks.” (Also note the wildly, weirdly incorrect figure that “A craft brewery produces fewer than 60 barrels of beer every year”—say what?)

I’m sure there have been more signs, but those are what I had bookmarked.