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Prediction watch: early February

I can’t help but notice and comment on more items online that lend weight to my predictions for this year.

First, on homebrewing. I said, "Surging interest in/prominence of homebrewing" and cited economics, creativity, and social activism (socialism? social lubrication?). The "surging interest" part is right on the money, though the economics might be debated:

Read the comments on the blog posts, too. They’re good, and give you insight into the mind of the homebrewer. Most of them indicate that they didn’t start homebrewing for the savings—which on the face of it seems to contradict my prediction. Overall, I think brewing your own beer is more economically sound that buying (expensive) craft beer, but my main point is to say that the economy will drive the interest in homebrewing. Which it seems to be doing.

Then, on the prediction of rising popularity of craft beer, I point to this (admittedly annoying) newscast that came out before the Super Bowl. It totally qualifies even if it’s a local puff piece out of Utica, New York.

And finally, Jeff at Beervana again, with the results of a poll he conducted on his blog. I’m not entirely sure how it fits in yet, but it does. Just trust me on it.