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The Original Belgian White Beer Launches its First English Web Site

Belgian-style wheat beers have grown in popularity, and Hoegaarden is the beer that started it all more than 600 years ago. In response to U.S. consumers seeking more information about the origins of the Belgian-style wheat beer category, Hoegaarden, the Original Belgian White Beer, has launched an English version of its new Web site.

Visit to learn more about the beer’s history, ingredients and serving tips. Then, use the site’s retail locator to find bars, restaurants and grocery stores in your area that carry the renowned Belgian beer. originally was available only as a Belgian site. As the beer has grown internationally, the site expanded to now include English, Dutch and French versions.

Hoegaarden has roots going back to 1445, when in the village of Hoegaarden, and with the help of local monks, a recipe was developed in which traditional ingredients such as mineral water, unmalted wheat, malted barley and hops were balanced with spicy coriander and a hint of orange peel. Today Hoegaarden continues its world-famous brewing traditions. The unfiltered beer delivers superior refreshment in more than 30 countries. Hoegaarden has been awarded four consecutive World Beer Cup Gold Medals in the Belgian-Style White (or Wit)/Belgian-Style Wheat category and surveys show nine out of 10 Belgians prefer Hoegaarden when it comes to Belgian-style wheat beers.