Press Release: Southampton Biere de Mars is Back!

Southampton Ales & Lagers of the Southampton Publick House (40 Bowden Sq., Southampton, NY [631] 283-2800) is bringing back their Biere de Mars, which is French for "March Beer" for a limited time. The Biere de Mars is a little known specialty brew that originated at small farmhouse breweries in the north of France. This type of ale was traditionally made in early winter when the fermenting cellars were cool and the new crop of barley and hops were ready for brewing. These cool conditions were considered ideal for brewing and as a result many old time French brewers considered Biere de Mars to be their best tasting brew of the year. The Biere de Mars was ranked 96% at This beer is part of our 750 Series. The cork-finished, champagne style 750ml bottles of this series show the elegance afforded to these special brews. The series features uncommon brew styles that are "age-worthy," that is, they may be cellared for up to 5-10 years and over time the flavor will continue to evolve. The reason is because of the higher alcohol content as well as the fact that they are re-fermented in the bottle and therefore contain live yeast, which helps preserve the brew for a longer period of time. The 750 Series is a small batch production, which assures the utmost care and attention at all points during the process.

The Biere de Mars will only be offered on tap at the Southampton Publick House throughout the month of March. There is only a limited number of bottles that will be available at the Southampton Publick House for purchase starting on Saturday, March 8th. The price is $12 per bottle.

SOUTHAMPTON BIERE DE MARS light in color with a refreshing orangey tartness and a hint or coriander flavor. There is also a detectable alcohol "warming" that is balanced by a pleasant residual sweetness. O.G. 17 P, 7.0% Alcohol.

For further information please call The Southampton Publick House at (631) 283-2800 or visit their website at