Press Release: Newcastle Brown Ale Offers Recipes and Entertaining Tips

Update: I removed the press release at request of the agency who sent it out; it contained erroneous information, apparently. Though another one should arrive soon.

This is another one of those press release pitches that strike me as daft and surreal—like something out of a Ren & Stimpy cartoon—therefore I must run it. Seems kind of odd to be something from Newcastle, but what the heck. Here’s the pitch that preceded it:

The holidays are just around the corner, which means your days will quickly fill with stressful chores and obligations. Newcastle understands the frustrations that men experience during this time and has created a holiday "MAN-ual," for those holiday-challenged fellows who can’t seem to pull it together.

The MAN-ual features tips on entertaining toasts, the perfect gift to reflect your relationship (i.e. Airline tickets signify you’re worth the pain of a trip through airline security) as well as easy to make recipes designed specifically with men in mind.

In celebration of the season, we would also like to send you a six-pack to test out some of the MAN-ual’s seasonal recipes. Or use it to chill out and toast the holidays – it’s up to you!

I can also request a copy of the MAN-ual itself. Yeah!

Here’s the full press release: [redacted]


  1. I got the same email. Wonder if the offer of a free 6-pack is real or not. Well it doesn’t hurt to ask I suppose – I sent them a reply. Will be interesting to see what this "Man-ual" is like.

  2. So what’s this about getting a free six pack if you have a bottle with no "FACT NAME" LABLE on the back of a bottle?
    Any Idea ’cause I can’t find sny info on this Brown Ale site?

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