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Press Release: Craft Beer Culture Inspires Grassroots TV Program

Yes, I am really behind on some of these things I want to blog about. I received this email early in the month and it looks pretty interesting; a new show intersecting TV and the web and, naturally, it’s about beer. (Almost TV; it’s available online and in DVD format and their FAQ says they’re "working hard to get it on the air.")

Their site is nicely done, too. Integrated Flash player without weighing down the rest of the site with Flash cruft. Good work.

Redtail Media announces the release of its inaugural episode of "The Local Brew," in a unique documentary format. "The Local Brew" is a grassroots television and web effort specifically created to inform and inspire viewers about the ever advancing world of craft brewing. The artfully-packaged DVD features nearly three hours of content, including the thirty-minute main show, and a full-length "Beer vs. Wine" bonus episode. The DVD will retail for $14.99, with 10% of all proceeds going to benefit selected charities.

The Local Brew takes you past the average ‘behind the scenes’ TV traveling show approach, delivered with an engaging style and creative production value. In its first episode, The Local Brew takes viewers on a trip to North County San Diego to visit the Stone Brewing Co., one of the most respected craft brewers in the world. Host Mark Marion gets an inside look at the brews, culture and hard work that have taken Stone to the top of their field — and finds that doing so involves activities from harvesting organic produce at a local farm, earning a degree in "Beerology", to the unlikely task of hauling thousand-pound boulders with Stone CEO Greg Koch.

"I don’t need to be a typical host," says Marion, a Boston-based chemical engineer and avid home brewer. "There’s enough personality in the world of craft brewing that the people involved are their own storytellers. This format allows me to play the more natural role of curious enthusiast." The result is one in which the viewer discovers insights and uncovers secrets along with Marion, rather than hearing a host merely regurgitate a company’s PR lines.

"The Local Brew team did an amazing job at capturing the vip, vinegar, vibe, and vitriol we have here at Stone Brewing," said Koch, to which he continued jokingly "Well, two of those anyway…and also the desire to see ourselves on TV." The special-edition DVD includes over two hours of special features — from interview out-takes to a "Beer vs. Wine Dinner" show, chronicling a culinary pairing showdown recently initiated by Koch, who is a self-described "tireless promoter of all things craft beer."

This is not a program about the popular, generic beer culture of gimmicky advertising and buffoonery. Things you will not find on The Local Brew include keg stands, beer pong, sodden barflies, and other similarly enlightened fare that attracts the attention of existing alcohol-oriented programming. "It’s about the artisanal quality of the beer, and the dedication of the people behind it," say the show’s creators, Christopher Burke and Jared Cotton, who hope to find a national audience for the show and the burgeoning culture it represents. Though large domestic brewers continue to spend millions on advertising campaigns, sales of these lighter styled beers have flatlined in recent years. Meanwhile, a 31.5% growth in craft beer sales in the past three years reflects Americans’ growing appreciation for unique, artisanal brews. "When you take the time to learn about the process and environment necessary to create a high-quality craft brew, you’ll always find an interesting story just under the surface. And we’re willing to go even deeper than that."

The inaugural episode, "The Local Brew: Stone Brewing Uncut" is available now at For more information about The Local Brew, please call 323.445.3227 or email or
"The Local Brew" is a redtailMEDIA production.