Press Release: Flying Dog Brewery Launches Beer Dinner Website

This looks pretty interesting, actually. I’ll dig around the site when I have some time and comment on it in more detail.

With the increasing popularity of food and beer pairings, Flying Dog Brewery’s new resource website provides the latest information and ideas on the emerging craft beer trend. is dedicated to educating craft beer connoisseurs on the “ins and outs” of custom meals prepared with the intention of accentuating each course with a particular style of beer, specifically chosen by the chef.

According to Flying Dog Director of Marketing Neal Stewart, “on you can learn exactly what a beer dinner is and how to find one at a restaurant. We’re even offering complete menus prepared by a professional chef for those who want to get a little more adventurous and host their own Beer Dinner,” he said.

The website features menus prepared by Chef Scott Clagett of Boulder, Colorado. “Spicy Dog” features eight courses, including chili-roasted shrimp with mashed sweet potatoes, watercress, mango, citrus and jalapeno served with Snake Dog IPA. Another, titled “Off the Gonzo Grill,” is also an eight course meal capped off with an amazing Gonzo Imperial Porter ice cream float with chocolate covered cherries.

The site also encourages visitors to submit beer dinner ideas or review dinners they have enjoyed. “We want to educate beer aficionados about the entire beer dinner concept, show people how pairing food with beer can really be a remarkable experience and help them be in-the-know on this hot new trend,” said Stewart.

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