Press Release: Bourbon The Angel’s Share to be released on March 15

This came in email yesterday, and it’s the kind of press release that makes me drool and wish I was there to snatch some of this up. Note the restrictions and the price!

Trust me, though, it is totally worth it. The Angel’s Share was one of my favorite beers last year—and, possibly, ever.

Note, though, my picture isn’t quite accurate—that’s the 750ml bottle, and this year the bottles are half that size, in the 375ml.

The Angel's ShareAt 10am on Saturday, March 15th 2008, Port Brewing will release the 2008 Bourbon Barrel-Aged version of The Angel’s Share. The first bottled release of one of the most highly rated beers in the world, supplies of The Angel’s Share are extremely limited and availability is on a first come, first serve basis.

Release Details:

  • Bottles will be $15 per cork finished 375ml bottle.
  • Limit of 12 bottles per person.
  • Beer will be sold only at the brewery. No email orders or holds for pick up at a later date.
  • This is a special release; no discounts.
  • There are approximately 120 cases available. Once it is gone, it is gone.

As with all Port Brewing special limited releases, all purchasers will be required to present valid ID at time of purchase to ensure that as many people as possible receive an allotment. For more information and the brewery location, visit or


  1. Port/Abbey have been totally cashing in at the expense of their customers with steady increases in their price over the last year. It’s easy to cry wolf about the hop price issue, but this place, like most responsible breweries, has enough hop surplus to where they shouldn’t be sticking it to the customers like this. They’ve increased the price of their festivals, while cutting the time in half in order to have 2 sessions. Now they’re cutting the bottle sizes in half for the same price as the large bottle was last year.

    It’s a money grab to cash in while the getting is hot. I understand business like the next guy, but it’s getting out of hand and will continue to do so until people quit sleeping on their doorstep to buy $30 test tubes full of beer.

    It’s sad and it’s turning me away from this entire hobby.

  2. I must have misread it, is it a law that we have to buy this beer? If it is, then Dobbson is right, they shouldn’t raise the price. But if buying it is optional, then Port Brewing should make as much money as possible.

    More money going into any brewery is good for the entire beer industry.

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