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Possible Elkton Brewing Company

This week I noticed this ad on Craigslist (Eugene, Oregon) which is looking for a Brew Master: “Brewer needed at Elkton Brewing Company. Send resume with history of brewing skills. Home brewers with carpentry or woodworking skills are encouraged to apply.”

Intrigued, I searched for “Elkton Brewing” and came across a skeletal website——that has photographs that positively identify it as Elkton, Oregon, a small town of 200 about 54 miles southwest of Eugene and 37 miles northwest of Roseburg, on the Umpqua River and Highway 38 between Reedsport and I-5. On the city’s website nothing is listed for a brewery but there are four(!) wineries listed, so out of curiosity I sent off an email to the poster of the Craigslist ad (the email address listed on the website had bounced back).

Owner(?) Eric emailed back with a few hints and ideas of what they’re hoping to do with the brewery, which sounds like (in addition to the brewery itself) they’re wanting to offer a place for homebrewers to brew and showcase their talents (similar perhaps to Coalition Brewing’s “Coalator” program), though they are still in the early stages of things.

From the building picture on the about page (above), this is their location (Google Maps); if you look at it in Street View, it was clearly under construction in 2008 (the date of that particular image on Google). Currently it’s looking like a nice location, right on the main drag through town.

Hopefully the search for a brewer will pan out and Elkton Brewing will happen, joining the ever-growing rank of Oregon’s breweries. If you’re interested in being a part of it, send along your resume and help get them off the ground.