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Portland Fruit Beer Festival

Looks like Portland is getting another beer festival, slated for June 11th and 12th: the Fruit Beer Festival. That’s based on The New School’s Ezra’s Twitter feed today, and this post on the Oregon Brew Crew site:

Burnside Brewing, OBC’s host for the recent March out meeting, will be introducing the Portland Fruit Beer Festival on Saturday, June 11th and Sunday, June 12th featuring many one-off, special brews from commercial brewers. They’ve has asked the Oregon Brew Crew to spearhead and participate in a brand new local homebrew competition: Fruit Beer.

So, a Fruit Beer Fest along with a fruit beer homebrewing competition; sounds awfully intriguing. Unfortunately there’s not much to be found online yet but I’ll be sure to point to the site and post more details as I find out more.