Portland Fruit Beer Festival poster

I initially wrote the other day about the Portland Fruit Beer Festival coming up in June; and today Ezra over at The New School posted a (preliminary?) image of the poster for the fest:

Portland Fruit Beer Festival poster

So we have some more info now: 11 to 9 on June 11th, 11 to 6 on the 12th; 15+ breweries and 20+ beers. Definitely sounds intriguing.

*If this image goes away I’ll post a copy locally.

5 Responses to Portland Fruit Beer Festival poster

  1. The poster is slightly preliminary as there are still some sponsors in talks to join that may be added but official details should be announced in the next week or two.

  2. Bill Night says:

    Yeah, that poster has to be preliminary because I don’t see any watermelon in it.

  3. shhhh that’s supposed to be a surprise Bill, it will only be available in the “buzz tent”

  4. dave says:

    Does the festival have a medieval theme (jousting, knights, etc at the actual event)? Hence the use of that font.

  5. it has a lot of Belgian beer hence the use of that font