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Portland for the weekend

That’s right, we’re heading up to Beervana for the long weekend. Mostly just a relaxing trip, we’ll be doing some shopping and some kid-related things, but I imagine there will be a couple of beer-related things going on. We’ll definitely be going to John’s Marketplace, for instance (with a real camera, this time!), and there’s likely at least one brewery/brewpub visit somewhere in there.

I’m thinking I’d like to visit at least one of: Green Dragon, Widmer Gasthaus, Roots, Lucky Lab, and/or Rogue. But we’ll see.

We’ll have the computer, but I don’t know how much I’ll be online. Enough to periodically check email, certainly, so if you want to reach me, fill out the contact form. Otherwise, don’t expect many (if any) updates till we get back.