Portland Beer site

Here’s a cool, well-done site: Portlandbeer.org. It’s still a little nascent, but here’s what they say on their front page:

What we are: A group of volunteers who have taken it upon ourselves to make sure that Portland, and it’s visitors, can make the best use of our greatest natural resource: beer! By maintaining an up to date listing of Portland beers and breweries, we hope to connect you with the beer you you’re looking for.

What we are not: This is not a Portland beer and brewery review site. Everyone has a different reaction to different sights, sounds, and tastes. We are not here to tell you what to think, but rather tell you what is out there and how to get to it. We think that it’s much more fun to drink beer and make your own opinion.

On their Breweries page, I’m a little surprised that they only list 14 breweries… but I suppose those are the ones that are exclusively within Portland city proper? (As opposed to some of the outlying towns… I’m used to considering that entire area "Portland" even though it’s not.) On the other hand, they also list the various locations each brewery has (check out McMenamins!), so there really are a lot more options than "only" 14.

Check out the Beers page too: that page is gold. You can sort and filter by beer name, style, brewery, and whether it’s a seasonal or not; and the beer icon next to the name is (roughly) color-coded to the style of beer. Nice touch.


  1. Yeah, they’re definitely missing a bunch of local breweries. Oaks Bottom (New Old Lompoc), Amnesia, BS Brewing, to name just a few.

  2. Thanks for the kind words! There are only a couple of us here that are trying to keep things up to date in our spare time–but with all of the great beer in Portland, it’s easy to fall behind…

    Hopefully, by the first of the year, we’ll have most of the breweries submitting their weekly tap list. We’ll see… For now, I hope people can use the site to get some ides and try a few new brews.


  3. Hey!
    I’m back again. We’re trying to move out of the nascent catagory by adding a lot of new features…

    We now have RSS feeds for our recently added beers section, and one for Portland Beer News. In our tools section, you can add these feeds to your site or portal, and you can subscribe to email updates. T-shirts are on their way as well, hopefully by the end of February–so keep your eyes peeled for giveaways!

    We’ve gone through the stats as well and we’re proud to say that we’ve got readers from 47 U.S. states and 39 countries!


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