Political beer…?

Rob from A Welsh View sends along a pointer to this article: U.K.’s Asda brings beer to the ballot. It’s kind of a head-scratcher, but the gist of it is that the store is selling political party-specific beers…

Britain’s second-largest grocer Asda is to cash in on the country’s forthcoming general election through a range of beers it hopes will slake thirsts across the political spectrum.

Labour Landslide Bitter is described as "confident and smooth" and "has a nice head that may not stay around too long," while Tory Triumph Bitter is "for the richer palate" and is brewed "without any continental ingredients."…

"Depending on how many bottles we sell of each type, we can tell how well each party is doing in the election," he said, adding the beers were equally suited to accompanying victory celebrations or electoral post-mortems.

Heh. Anyone want to chime in and suggest what beers best represent each political party here in the States?

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