Point Blank Distributing tap takeover at Broken Top Bottle Shop

This evening my wife and I popped in over at Broken Top Bottle Shop to check out the Point Blank Distributing tap takeover they had going on; they were pouring a terrific lineup of limited and rare beers, including Cantillon Grand Cru Bruocsella, Cantillon Fou’ Foune, Boneyard Barrel-aged Suge Knite, Petrus Aged Pale Sour, Pfriem Christmas Beer, and Epic Big Bad Baptist Stout. The Cantillons were being poured from the bottle, the others were on tap. We opted to start with the two of the Cantillons, and I finished with the Suge Knite.

Point Blank Tap Takeover at Broken Top Bottle Shop

A pair of Cantillons

The Grand Cru is a three-year old wood-aged lambic, wonderfully dry and puckeringly sour and barnyard-ish. The Fou’ Foune is a two-year lambic aged on apricots and I really liked how the aroma and hint of apricot flavor linger in this beer—but the sugars have fermented out nicely leaving a tart and dry finish. Broken top had a super-limited number of bottles, and they were pouring 5-ounce pours for $6, or you could buy a bottle for $25.

Boneyard Suge Knite

The Suge Knite was a generous pour for $6.50, no small thing for a 14% Imperial Stout! For all that boozy strength it holds it well, being a smooth and chocolatey beer with big sweet stickiness backing it up.

Finally, a shot of part of the new coolers Broken Top has up and running:

Broken Top Bottle Shop coolers

Once fully stocked, they plan to have at least 700 varieties of beer on hand.