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Pizza Port (& Port Brewing Company)

The final brewery review for our San Diego trip (skipping over Oggi’s, since I originally reviewed them here and it pretty much is the same) is for Pizza Port in Solana Beach. This is the original Pizza Port, though it has since branched out and there are several Pizza Port/Port Brewing locations around the area (including the notable Lost Abbey):

Pizza Port was established in March of 1987 when we started making pizzas in our present location in Solana Beach! We started brewing beer as a hobby and as we began brewing more than we could leisurely drink, we really wanted to share some of the incredible brews that we created for fun with our customers too. We installed a 7 barrel brewery and served our first handcrafted beer brewed on the premises in October of 1992.

Pizza Port is really more of a restaurant first, brewery second. It’s a first-come, first served classic pizzeria with picnic tables and bench seating (indoor and outdoor), arcade games in the back, and standing room only when they’re busy. Which seems to be often.

We were able to snag one of the four outside tables and enjoy the nice weather. The restaurant is located right on Highway 101 but that doesn’t detract from the outdoor dining experience—it’s kind of cool, actually.

There are a number of beers that they produce, but I only tried two: a pint each of the Swamis IPA and the Dawn Patrol Dark (an English Brown ale). In addition, I bought a case of the Sharkbite Red to go (which I’ll review separately later).

The Swamis IPA: Very bitter and hoppy—definitely a hophead’s ale. Nice medium-thick body, full and rich. According to their website,

This is the original San Diego IPA. We have been brewing this beer since we installed the brewery in 1992. Big and Bitter like the Wipeout. A true beer lovers beer.

One thing I’ve noticed in general about the beers in San Diego: they do like their hops. Quite a few of them were fairly to very hoppy.

The Dawn Patrol Dark: On cask, so very smooth and creamy. Malty, a hint of fruitiness… a bit dry. Sweetish and a bit roasty. Yes, I know "sweet" is the opposite of "dry" but that’s my impression.

The pizza was very good, too. We got a large Pizza Lahaina (Hawaiian style: Canadian bacon and pineapple and green peppers and onions) and it fed the six of us (four adults, two kids). Besides pizza, their menu is pretty standard pizzeria fare: salads, chicken wings, cheese sticks, etc. I can only vouch for the pizza, but if the rest of the food is as good, then there’s nothing to worry about.

All in all, a good place to go for good beer and pizza. Give yourself plenty of time, though—you could be in for a wait.

Pizza Port
135 N. Highway 101
Solana Beach, CA 92075
(858) 481-7332