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Pictures from The Ale Apothecary’s tasting room

My print article published last week was on The Ale Apothecary and their new tasting room in Bend; I’d mentioned in my post about the article that I’d had additional pictures from a special media tour that Paul Arney conducted with myself and several others. Here they are!

The space is not just the tasting room, but it’s also the brewery’s barrel house as well. Arney has been using it for a while now prior to building the tasting room. He has a fair number of barrels on hand for a small, three-barrel “mountain brewery” which makes the endeavor all the more impressive.

Arney poured a few beers for us while we were visiting, and if you get a chance to visit I’d recommend trying the Ralph. Of course the other beers are worth drinking as well—the Sahalie and La Tache are the standards and there are vintage bottles as well. But Ralph is a bit different, brewed with spruce tips, and the closest you’ll get to the unique Sahati (the spruce-brewed ale that’s mashed in the hollowed-out spruce tree trunk kuurna) until Sahati itself is available again.

¡Vamanos! was a specialty limited-release, sour wort, non-boiled beer that sold out quickly.
The original Sahati kuurna
The restroom is wallpapered with actual handwritten prescriptions for beer written during Prohibition! Filled, I believe, by Arney’s pharmacist grandfather.

If you plan to visit the tasting room, it is open on Thursdays and Saturdays from 2 to 7pm, and during summer they will be open on Fridays as well.

The Ale Apothecary Tasting Room
30 SW Century Drive, Suite 140
Bend, OR 97702