Some photos of Deschutes’ remodel

On Saturday, we were able to hit up Deschutes Brewery‘s Bend Pub for the soft opening of their expansion and remodel, and while there I snapped a few pictures. It’s really nice, and they’ve done a good job of sprucing up the older space as well.

And, later today I’m attending a media event at the Pub, so there’s a good chance I’ll have more photos (and maybe video) as well.

Update: I also added 3 pictures my wife took of the new pizzas on the menu, and wine.

Deschutes Brewery sign

Deschutes Brewery waiting area

New and better use of waiting area space (southwest corner of the older part of the Pub)

Deschutes Brewery remodeled space

Older Pub space has been remodeled with an attractive archway leading to a larger bar area (no minors allowed)

Deschutes Brewery remodeled space

What used to be additional restaurant seating in the Pub, now part of the larger bar area; former kitchen is now the bakery and prep area

Deschutes Brewery new taps

New, additional station of taps at the end of the bar to better serve the new space

Deschutes Brewery Pub banquet space

Upstairs banquet area, which I believe will seat 80 people, and has it's own dedicated bar. Yes, workers were still there hanging artwork.

Deschutes Brewery Pub banquet bar

The new banquet bar, with the full 16 taps

Deschutes Brewery pub pizza

Deschutes Brewery pub pizza

Deschutes Brewery wine

The new wine servings; notice they've done away with stemmed glassware and instead are currently serving in "mini pint" style glasses.

One Response to Some photos of Deschutes’ remodel

  1. Your wife says:

    I *really* liked the goat cheese pizza! However, doing away with the wine glasses and serving in the same glassware as the water = MEH. Like we discussed at the time, if one gets white wine such as I did, it could be easily mistaken for water by a small child and OOOPS! As I said at the time too, you wouldn’t beer in just *any* glass, you have specialty glasswear to enhance the flavor/aroma. I want the same with wine, even in a brewpub.