Phat Matt’s Brewing

Redmond, Oregon has a new brewery, Phat Matt’s Brewing Company, and by all indications it seems they are open and brewing even now—as it appears that their first beer will be debuting at this weekend’s Bend Brewfest, according to the Brewest’s Facebook post.

I had a sneak peak of their business card a month ago:

Phat Matt's Brewing business card

But I was holding off on mentioning them since I didn’t know their timeline, and the brewing equipment was being provided by a friend of mine who had asked to keep things under wraps for a bit. Though since they seem to be live now—along with their Facebook page—the time seems right.

Until I find out more directly, it looks like the flagship launch beers for Phat Matt’s is going to be an IPA (of course, this being Oregon) and a “Golden Golden Ale” (according to Facebook). The IPA is described as having 7% abv and 62 IBUs, and the Golden is 5% abv with 24 IBUs. The website also mentions (and has bottle pictures of) a Pilsner and a Red.

Right now I believe Phat Matt’s is simply a production brewery and will be distributing locally. I have an email out to owner Matt Mulder to find out more.

Phat Matt’s Brewing Company
580 NE Hemlock Suite 105
Redmond, Oregon 97756