The Little Woody kicks off this weekend in Bend

The Little Woody beersOne of my favorite beer events for Bend kicks off this Friday—The Little Woody Barrel Aged Brew and Whiskey Fest! This year is the sixth annual iteration (it started in 2009) and it focuses almost exclusively on wood- and barrel-aged specialty brews, so it’s truly one of those niche beer geek events unlike the typical brewfest experience.

It also takes place at a unique venue: the grounds of the Des Chutes Historical Museum, located in the historic Reid School building in downtown Bend, with beer pouring outside in the lot and lawn, and a whiskey tasting taking place indoors. And if you have a chance to check out the Museum itself, I would recommend it.

This year’s Little Woody is sponsored by Bigfoot Beverages, and takes place Friday from 5pm to 10pm, and Saturday from noon to 10pm (August 29th and 30th, respectively). Basic entry cost is $10 the commemorative glass, with tasting tokens cost $1 each (beers will range in “price” from 2 to 6 tokens), and there is a tasting package for $20 which includes the entry, glass, and 10 tokens. Register in advance here. (Disclosure: I’m attending under media pass/credentials.)

It looks like they’ve got 23 breweries pouring beers, the majority of which are local to Central Oregon, and there will be amazing beers being poured. I will have a post up soon detailing all the beers being poured, as well, so stay tuned.

And if you weren’t planning a trip to Bend this weekend already, now you should! It’s also Labor Day weekend so you’ll have plenty of time to hang out, drink great beers, and even visit some of the great local breweries for even more beer!

Beer Bloggers Conference is wrapping up

The fifth annual Beer Bloggers Conference is wrapping up. We had a great time and will be writing up more in depth posts hopefully very shortly. Be on the lookout. In the meantime, read Jon’s daily wrap ups and check out @Brewsite on twitter & instagram for what we’ve posted so far.

BBC 14: Day two quick notes

The second day of the Beer Bloggers Conference was a full one with a ton of great information—too much to fit into a single blog post, but I wanted to post a few salient notes.

Ken Grossman

First off, a surprising (tech) fact: WordPress, the software that powers this and many other blogs, now accounts for an astounding 22% of all websites. As a web developer by trade that is pretty astounding to me.

The Beer Blogging Ethics panel was excellent and provided the most interaction and feedback of the day (for sessions—not counting actually drinking beer!). I’m pleased that most or all of our fellow bloggers just seem to get it, even though the ethics of beer blogging is still a gray area. Warrants further thought and longer post.

Ken Grossman’s keynote speech was fantastic, providing fascinating history of the founding of Sierra Nevada Brewing as well as informative Q&A. Ken sat next to me at lunch at the Yard House prior to that and chatted with us. Genuinely nice guy who was interested in learning more about what we do.

And it was during Ken’s keynote that next year’s BBC was announced: Asheville, North Carolina, July 17 through 19. Asheville is one of the most vibrant beer scenes in the country, so that will be great. (Bend, Oregon next?)

BBC 14: Live beer blogging

The signature event at the Beer Bloggers Conference; here’s their own description:

It is a fast-paced, fun event that is sort of like speed dating with brewers. You will sit at a table with other conference participants as a brewery representative has five minutes to pour you a select beer, describe it, answer questions, and allow you to blog or Tweet about it live. Brewers will then rotate to a new table and you will ultimately meet 10 breweries and try 10 beers in 50 minutes.

They say (tongue-in-cheek) if you’re good, you’ll do a single blog post, and if really good, 10 separate blog posts; I myself opt for a single post that is continuously updated so I don’t flood everyone’s feeds with too many posts at once. So, let’s go!

Don’t forget to follow along on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Untappd!

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout – Coffee

Side-by-side tasting with warm (room temperature) vs. cold samples to taste the difference temperature can make. Quite a noticeable difference, the warmer is fruitier and luscious, the cold analogous to an iced coffee—good, but roasty and muted.

Green Flash Citra Session IPA

Brewed entirely with Citra hops, distinctive note comes from the hops and it finished dry. Another win from Green Flash, a great palate-cleansing IPA.

Boardwalk Food Company Beer Bread

Four varieties of beer breads (made with Miller Lite to highlight the bread itself), they just launched, and they are delicious—they served up 4 flavors. They are dry mixes that you add beer to. I’ll post more details later on how to order.

Samuel Adams KMF Grand Cru

Just bottled like 3 days ago, deliciously tart with beautiful cherry notes and a sweet notes that undercuts the acetone-tart, I really quite like this. (The KMF stands for Kosmic Mother Funk.) When this hits the shelves I will be buying it.

Warsteiner Pilsner

Number one German pilsner in the US. This is a great pilsner, super clean, amazing malt flavor, this is one I can drink all day long.

Firestone Walker Pivo Pilsner

Another pilsner to follow up the Warsteiner—a “German pils with a Bohemian twist” as the rep says. Brewed with Saphir hops to give it a lemongrass character. It’s the current reigning GABF gold medal winner. Crisp, delicious pils—the hops give it a nice bite and this is another all-day drinker that will also satisfy hop lovers.

The Lost Abbey Deliverance

Oak-aged blend of Angel’s Share and Serpent Stout, about 12% holy…! Raisins, luscious barrel notes, this beer is amazing and super limited. Hats off to The Lost Abbey for an amazing, amazing beer.

Rough Draft Weekday IPA

Lovely nose, reminds me of Flat Tail’s Little Green a little bit, a 4.8% session IPA that’s clean and lightly bitter and really nice drinking.

Lagunitas Sucks and Sonoma Farmhouse Sour

We all know about Sucks, but the Sour is something special—a sour mash Somethin’ Extra aged in wine barrels with Brett and cherries and a bunch of other complex stuff. Really, really lovely sour beer, they have pulled out a great beer.

Stone Collaboration – Chris Banker, Insurgente Xocoveza Mocha Stout

Described as Mexican hot chocolate in a glass. First smell impression—chilis. However it’s chocolatey and roasty and not spicy at all. Lovely bitter/dark chocolate comes through and this is a nicely suprising beer.