Oregon Beer News, 05/11/2016

Oregon BeerHappy Hump Day once again! Here is the Oregon beer news for this Wednesday, May 11; as usual, I’ll be periodically updating this post throughout the day with the latest news, so check back often for updates. If you have news to share, please contact me and I can get that updated as well.

Lompoc Brewing (Portland): Tonight at the Lompoc Tavern on NW 23rd Avenue they are hosting Sour Power Night as well as the release of 2012 Black Mamba starting at 4pm. “The evening features the release of 2012 Black Mamba, aged for two years in Heaven Hill Distillery bourbon barrels with 45 pounds of sour cherries. Pitch black in color with an aroma of tobacco, leather and cherries, it has flavors of chocolate, oak and cherry, finishing with a slight sourness. We’ll also be offering taster trays with 2013 Cherry Gold, 2013 Fleming Red, 2013 Cherry Christmas, 2013 Dark Ages Sour Porter and Black Mamba (beers also available individually by the glass).” There’s a three course meal to accompany the sours, so if you’re a sour beer fan you need to check this one out.

Roseburg Beer Week continues today, with a Beer & Tapas Pairing at Salud Restaurant & Brewery at 6pm: “Showcasing our palate pleasing beers, impeccably paired with three delicious tapas. Enjoy live music by Tory Rose as well. Tickets $30 per person. Reservations only: 541.673.1574.”

And then at O’Toole’s Pub they have a Q & Ales Trivia Contest starting at 7pm: “Test your RBK–Roseburg Beer Knowledge–and learn a little about the beer here and the other beer there.”

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Oregon Beer News, 05/10/2016

Oregon BeerHere is the news in beer from around Oregon for Tuesday, the tenth of May. As usual, I’ll be periodically updating this post throughout the day, so check back often for the latest news. If you have news to share, please contact me and I can get that updated as well.

Roseburg Beer Week continues today with a couple of events to check out. First, McMenamins Roseburg Station is hosting a special limited-edition beer tasting featuring Oak Aged MM: “For batch number 2000 (Roman numeral MM) at the Roseburg Station Brewery, the Brewer sought out to find 20 different malts and 20 different hops worthy of combining in this momentous brew. The blend of malts provides a sturdy full bodied base with flavors of caramel, nuts, chocolate and rye and a chocolate brown color. A bounty of hops counters the malts with citrus, tropical floral and spicy aromas and flavors. You could say there is a sampling of every batch brewed here at Roseburg Station in this winter warmer. Be sure to try this one before it’s gone!” This runs from 5 to  7:30pm.

And then O’Toole’s Pub is hosting a Blind Beer Tasting Contest from 6 to 9pm: “Get all five blind beer tastes correct and you’ll be entered into a drawing for sweet prizes, including swag and gift certificates!”

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Oregon Beer News, 05/09/2016

Oregon BeerWelcome to the start of a new week! I hope your Monday is going well. Here’s the Oregon beer news for May 9th; as usual, I’ll be periodically updating this post throughout the day with the latest news as I find it, so check back often. If you have news to share, please let me know and I can get that updated as well.

Roseburg Beer Week continues today, with a four-course beer and food pairing dinner at O’Toole’s Pub, featuring beers from Old 99 Brewing. Unfortunately it’s already marked as sold out, but if you’re really interested you could always call O’Toole’s at (541) 673-5152 and see if you can get in. And look for other beer specials around town as well.

Portland’s Gigantic Brewing is celebrating their fourth anniversary today! “On May 9th, 2011 Ben Love and Van Havig opened the doors of Gigantic with the premise to start small and stay small, brew the best damn IPA in the city, and release some deliciously creative one-offs. We have had an amazing time doing that these last four years and would love for you to join us as we celebrate our 4th anniversary! We will be releasing Holy Oak, a spiritual concoction of barrel aged and kettle soured beer designed to mimic a gloriously refreshing Whiskey Sour. The beer is a collabo brew with our mates from Magic Rock Brewing out of the U.K. Holy Oak will be available on draft and in 22oz bottles. Also, all other draft beers will be just $2. We look forward to celebrating with you!” The party takes place today from 3 to 9pm, be there! And big congrats to Gigantic!

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The Session #111: A Beer Midlife Crisis

The SessionThis past first Friday called for another beer blogging round of The Session, in which we look to our host-of-the-month to provide a topic upon which to write about. This month’s edition was hosted by Oliver Gray of Literature & Libation, and he has asked us to consider Surviving a Beer Midlife Crisis:

Recently, I’ve found my interest in said hobby waning. The brilliant luster of new beers and new breweries looks now, a few pounds heavier and a bunch of dollars lighter, more like dull aluminum oxide.

The thing I have embraced so fully and spent so much time getting to know and love, suddenly seems generally, unequivocally: meh. It’s like I’ve been living a lie, and everything I’ve done is for not. I’m having a beer mid-life crisis, yo.

It’s impossible to see the future, but if my fall from rabid beer fanboy to dude-who-drinks-beer-and-sort-of-wants-to-be-left-alone is indicative of a trend, I’ve got some signs to make a doomsaying to do.

What say you?

Do you find it hard to muster the same zeal for beer as you did a few years ago? Are you suffering through a beer-life crisis like I am? If so, how do you deal with it?

I would say I am not. But midlife crises are by and large such a personal, differential experience for each individual that I could also accurately say, “I don’t know.” So here is what I think.

By “rabid beer fanboy” standards I am well past that stage of this hobby/interest/lifestyle/whatever, but I don’t think I have any less zeal for beer than before—it’s just that it’s more tempered, by the realities of the industry, the explosive growth in brewery numbers, the need to remember that it’s a marathon, not a race (yes, mixing metaphors like beer cocktails… see what I did there?). More mature, I suppose. But I certainly don’t feel that I’ve lost the interest or the curiosity that I started with.

(Slight digression: what would the beer equivalent be of buying a convertible Porsche?)

The industry has changed drastically in the 20 or so years since I got interested in home- and microbrewing. (Yes, we still called it “microbrewing” in the ’90s.) Maybe that’s what has held my interest, all that change. Hell, even four years ago we were all predicting there would be 3,000-ish breweries by 2017—and we blew through 4,000 last September! Yes, it’s a lot to take in, but it also keeps it fresh, knowing there are more breweries I’ll visit in my lifetime, which means plenty of stories to tell and beers to try. Yes, there will be bad beers, but you know, I’ve made some bad beers at home and it was still an experience.

So… no, I don’t believe I’m in that beerlife crisis mode. Sometimes there’s juggling, but it’s definitely still holding my interest and I hope it continues to do so.

Sun’s Out Saison

Awhile ago, I received two bottles of Sun’s Out Saison from 2 Towns Ciderhouse and drank one right away, but didn’t review it because of our crazy busy kid schedules at the time. Now that the sun’s out in Bend today, I’m going to review the second bottle we received.

Jon just mowed the lawn and we’re sitting outside enjoying the 70+ degree Saturday in May, drinking the Limited Release from 2 Towns in Corvallis, which is a Peach Saison cider. It’s light, crisp with a nice amount of peach and a balance of tart yet sweet and a mouth feel of peach at the end.

You can find at select grocery chains and bottle shops. Grab this nice refreshing cider to drink on a warm spring or summer day while you can!

2 Towns Sun's Out Saison

Jon drank it too, and took notes:

Appearance: Pale yellow, slightly hazy, spritzy, but no head.

Smell: Lightly fruity, with bubblegum saison yeast character. Peach is subtle and sweet.

Taste: Juicy and fresh and bright—fresh-pressed apple juice with tart Belgian funkiness and a touch of tannic peach skin. Peach comes in at the end, a not-quite-ripe stone fruit punch at the back of the tongue.

Mouthfeel: Light-bodied, dry/tannic presence tempered by sweet peachy-apple juice.

Overall: Very nice, super drinkable, almost like drinking fruit juice.