Why Not?

Following right on the heels of my Imperial Beers post where I wrote about going wild and experimenting with brewing, this post on the I.M. Hammered Brewing blog is great. Why Not: That is the mantra of homebrewers. Why Not!!! You can’t put wheat yeast in a stout wort!! Why … Continue reading

Beer Site Rundown

Here’s a (non-comprehensive) rundown of some of the other beer websites out there. Real Beer: Probably the biggest and best-organized site around. Forums, e-commerce, events, brewery listings, news, etc. etc. However, I can’t find any RSS feeds anywhere on the site (lame), the events calendar pages are highly unwieldly, and … Continue reading

Imperial Beers

This thread on Usenet, while starting out as a review of an Oktoberfest beer, takes to task the trend of brewing "Imperial" style beers. For some background, "Imperial" originally referred to the Russian Imperial Stout style of beer, which is a highly-hopped, high gravity stout with alcohol typically in the … Continue reading

Brewing on Good Eats

Alton Brown does beer! I caught the homebrewing episode of my favorite cooking show, Good Eats, this evening (which is kind of timely, I was wondering recently if there was one), and I thought it was pretty good, except for a couple of technical mistakes. First, he mashed the crystal … Continue reading

Innovative brewing

Innovation in brewing: here’s an interesting article on CNN.com about a guy in Germany who has come up with a new way to brew beer. [The brewing] process is traditionally an uncontrolled one in which the yeast "free floats." "You throw the yeast into the vessel and say, ‘Now go … Continue reading

Pumpkin Ale Recipe

Perfect for the season, this is a favorite beer of mine to brew this time of year, and it’s always good. This is mostly an extract-based pumpkin ale recipe, though there is a short mash/rest with the pumpkin and malt. Use this recipe as-is, or as a basis for experimentation. … Continue reading


Oktoberfest is already over this year, but it’s still a good topic to blog about because someone at work was asking why it’s over since we’re still in the first half of October. The timing of Oktoberfest is dependent upon the first Sunday in October: it always starts in mid-September, … Continue reading

Oggi’s Pizza and Brewing Company

While in San Diego we had dinner one night at Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing Company in Mission Valley. Actually, we had dinner two nights: the first time we had take-out pizza at my brother’s place, and it was quite good. Some of the best pizza around, or so we were … Continue reading

Great American Beer Festival 2004

The 2004 Great American Beer Festival took place last week, from September 30 through October 2. One of these days, I just have to go to this. This year, they had a record-breaking 28,000 attendees. The three-day event brought a record number of beer connoisseurs from around the world to … Continue reading

Newport Microbrew Festival

I wish I’d know of this sooner: the Newport Microbrew Festival is going on this weekend in Newport, Oregon, at the Rogue Ales Brewery. Admission is $8, including a free mug, and will feature beer (duh!) from 20 breweries, food, arts and crafts, live entertainment, and a homebrew competition.