Sunshine Wheat

Out to dinner the other night at the always excellent Zydeco in Bend, I tried a beer I had not had before: New Belgium Brewing‘s Sunshine Wheat. I wasn’t totally sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised—it was spiced with coriander and orange peel, very much in the … Continue reading

Link dump

To make up for my lack of posting lately, and hopefully to get back on track, here’s a dump of beer-related links I’ve noticed lately. BlueOregon: Beer & Movies – an open discussion on the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) considering creating a firm policy on the presence of beer … Continue reading

Prohibition’s medical beer

The Smithsonian Magazine has a fascinating article on Prohibition and the rise of "medical beer" that was prescribed by doctors. And in the early months of 1921, a dedicated group of brewers, physicians and imbibers attempted to convince the U.S. Congress that beer was nothing less than vital medicine. Whatever … Continue reading

Mt. Angel Brewing is open

Just got this comment on my item on Mt. Angel closing earlier this year: This article is in error. The Mt Angel Brewing Company closed for six weeks to completely remodel the kitchen and expand beer services during February and March. Mt Angel Brewing Company is currently open for business … Continue reading

Slow week

Yep, it’s been a slow week for The Brew Site. But I’m still around. Mostly I just haven’t run across anything interesting to post, nor have I drank any beer all this week to write about. I’ll come up with something, though. I don’t like seeing old stuff here any … Continue reading

Old Albany Brewing Company

This post isn’t about a current brewery, but about an historical one: from the mis-titled article Workers uncover ancient brewery: Workers digging out the area below the Pacific Boulevard overpass at Lyon Street in Albany [Oregon] have uncovered the concrete foundation of the old Albany Brewing Co…. Beer making was … Continue reading

Oregon Brewers Festival 2005

The other day my wife pointed out that this year’s Oregon Brewers Festival is from July 28 through 31… the last full weekend in July, as it always is. What makes this notable is that it’s the first last full weekend that we won’t be celebrating my son’s birthday—he was … Continue reading

Oregon Beer Week

Found this story on RateBeer: OBF Announces Oregon Beer Week. The Oregon Brewers Festival is pleased to announce "Oregon Beer Week," a weeklong celebration of craft beer by Oregon’s specialty breweries. Oregon Beer Week will begin July 23 and feature a variety of special events taking place at craft breweries … Continue reading

St. Peter’s Old Style Porter

I’m a little late reviewing this one, but I tried and enjoyed St. Peter’s Old Style Porter the other day. I thought it was quite good. From the website: This fine beer is a blend of a mature old ale and a younger light beer – just as a true … Continue reading

Brewpub at OSU opposed

According to this Register-Guard article, plans to open a McMenamins brewpub in Corvallis, at the Oregon State University campus, are being opposed: They want to lease space for a new brewpub right across the street from Gill Coliseum. But student body president Kristen Downey said introducing alcohol into an undergraduate … Continue reading