Pakistan’s only brewery

Here’s an interesting article about Pakistan’s only brewery, the Murree Brewery: The Murree Brewery, established in 1861 to slake the thirst of British soldiers across the Indian subcontinent, lost much of its market when Pakistan won independence nearly 60 years ago, but it still prospers as the Islamic country’s only … Continue reading

Beer archaeology

As the title suggests, a couple of historical-archaeological beer-related stories to post about. The first is from the Portland Communique, an historical footnote about Skidmore Fountain in Portland (Oregon), located between SW Burnside and Ankeny, and between 1st and Front. In 1888, for the unveiling ceremony for the fountain, brewer … Continue reading

Star Bock follow-up

Kind of a downer follow-up to my Star Bock post the other day: Star Bock brewer’s bar closes after wife dies. So even if he wins, he loses. That’s tough.

Review of Rogue Ales Public House

A good review of Rogue’s Public House showed up online today. A top destination for these seasonal favorites is Newport — specifically Rogue Ales Public House on the historic bayfront. While the bayfront isn’t really a beach, it’s a classic beach town — a perfect blend of kitschy (Ripley’s Believe … Continue reading

Star Bock

I’ve been seeing this pop up in the news lately and found a good article: ‘Star Bock’ beer has coffee giant Starbucks steamed. Apparently a bar owner in Texas has been selling his Star Bock brand of beer for two years now, and wants to go national, and Starbucks (the … Continue reading

The Beer Show

Well, someone has responded to my post awhile ago about having a beer show on the Food Network, but the link they provided doesn’t exactly point to a Food Network show specifically. It’s The Beer Show, and while it looks interesting, the site says it will air on Brisbane (that’s … Continue reading

The beer pool?

As I’ve seen first on Hail the Ale! and now Pfiff!, a resort in Austria is actually offering "beer baths" or pools filled with beer that people can, er, swim in. The Starkenber Beer Myth resort located in and around the medieval castle of Starkenberger in Austria’s Tyrol region has … Continue reading

High Street Brewery

This short review of the High Street Brewery & Café in Eugene, Oregon, caught my eye and sounded interesting. Opened in 1988, it’s apparently Eugene’s first microbrewery since Prohibition. And while other brew pubs have come and gone since the mid-1990s microbrew craze, High Street Brewery still stands thanks to … Continue reading

Press Release: Chili Pepper & Brew Fest

This press release came in on the site’s contact form today, so I’m posting it: Not Your Typical Chili Cook-Off: Chili Pepper & Brew Fest combines music, chili, and microbrews June 17-19 Snowmass Village, Colorado. June 1, 2005. In just a few short weeks, Snowmass’ summer kicks into high gear … Continue reading

Palestine’s first brewery

I can’t even imagine how hardcore you’d have to be to brew beer in Palestine. If you had wanted to set up a brewery producing high-quality Pilsner to the specifications of the German Beer Purity Laws of 1516, the occupied Palestinian West Bank would be just about the last place … Continue reading