Magnolia Brewery’s Strong Beer Month

Via RateBeer comes this news about San Francisco’s Magnolia Pub & Brewery‘s Strong Beer Month (all this February). Magnolia and the 21st Amendment Brewery and Restaurant have teamed up once again to celebrate this rich brewing tradition. Our cellars are full of wintertime ales designed to provide comfort and warmth … Continue reading

German breweries close

Well, this can’t be good: Breweries close as German thirst for beer fades. Along with the other "signs" I’ve pointed to (here, here and here), maybe it’s the beer apocalypse? The shake-out in the German brewery business is gathering pace as a trend to healthy living and a fall in … Continue reading

Bend Brewing domain name

My previous post about Bend Brewing‘s latest beer reminds me of a story about their website and domain name… Way back in 2000, when I was working for an internet development company (Alpine Internet Solutions, they’re still here), I had grabbed a bunch of "brewing" domains (we could get domain … Continue reading

Axe Head Red from Bend Brewing Company

This press release on touts our local Bend Brewing Company‘s newest beer, Axe Head Red. In spring of 1905, Bend’s first fire destroyed the O’Kane Saloon and encouraged city officials to organize a volunteer fire department. In honor of that inflammatory incident, and the protection of our fine city … Continue reading

Mt. Angel Brewing closes

This isn’t good: The Mt. Angel Brewing Company closed its doors abruptly. From the article: Mt. Angel Brewing Co. has closed its doors abruptly, only days after those involved with the restaurant said it was about to change its menu. Repeated phone calls to representatives of Traeger Industries, who owned … Continue reading

Yet more beer blogs

In case I hadn’t pointed them out yet, here’s some more beer blogs I’ve come across: Hail the Ale! On Tap Beer and Food (hasn’t been updated in over a month, though)

Exploding beer

If you’ve been homebrewing for any amount of time, odds are you’ve had at least one explosive occurence with your beer. I have had two, and fortunately I was present to see both of them. The first was a fermenting batch of Toad Spit Stout (from The Complete Joy of … Continue reading

A Good Beer Blog wins award

Congrats to A Good Beer Blog to coming in fourth in the 2004 Canadian Blog Awards!

Beer history article

Interesting article here of a book review that delves into some Colonial American brewing history. The early colonists brewed their own beer in house. There wasn’t a structured monetary system to go out and buy it and most homes were equipped with a small brew room. Taverns eventually cropped up … Continue reading

Widmer Review

We were in Portland over the weekend, and had dinner with family at Widmer Brewing Friday night. It was my first visit to Widmer (their Gasthaus on Russell Street, actually) and while it wasn’t a comphrenesive visit, I thought I’d write up a short review anyway. I liked it a … Continue reading