Widmer Review

We were in Portland over the weekend, and had dinner with family at Widmer Brewing Friday night. It was my first visit to Widmer (their Gasthaus on Russell Street, actually) and while it wasn’t a comphrenesive visit, I thought I’d write up a short review anyway. I liked it a … Continue reading

Out of beer

The horror! The horror! Brewer runs out of beer! In an even more drastic situation than the famous pub with no beer, Tasmanian brewer J. Boag & Son ran dry of two of its popular beer varieties during the peak Christmas period. Several Launceston retailers were left without Boag’s Draught … Continue reading

Open source beer

Vores Ol is a beer brewed by a Danish company that is releasing the "recipe and the whole brand" of the beer under a Creative Commons license. Sounds interesting, but I didn’t think that recipes themselves could be copyrighted in the first place; Alan on A Good Beer Blog has … Continue reading

Beer’s image crisis

Apparently, beer has an image crisis. Miller Brewing. President Norman Adami said, "The single biggest threat facing the American beer business today is the possibility that we will allow the American consumer to get bored with beer." So what are brewers doing about it? For one thing, they are spending … Continue reading

The Year in Beer

I missed this when it first came out: The year in beer from the Oregonian. It’s very Oregon-centric, of course. Events highlighted include the death of Robert MacTarnahan, Governator Ale, and the beer-swilling bear. Best Beer Books: "Travels With Barley, A Journey Through Beer Culture in America," by Ken Wells, … Continue reading

January events

Some beer events coming up this month: Great Alaska Beer and Barley Wine Festival: Egan Center in Anchorage, Alaska, Friday and Saturday, January 14 and 15. 5th Annual Strong Beer Festival

Beer color chart

I thought this might be interesting to people. I found this online somewhere almost two years ago, and it seems like something that should be incredibly useful: the beer color chart.

Brewery Smoke Stack For Sale

On eBay, that is. No kidding, it’s a smoke stack from the "Original Hudepohl brewery" in Cincinnati. Currently this auction has 3 days left and is up to 1.5 million dollars. I wouldn’t hold my breath that the link I provided will be persistent, so here’s some of the text … Continue reading

Diet Beer

Found on i-Newswire.com: a Swedish beer that is not only low in carbs, but it lowers cholesterol too! The unique brewing process employs oats instead of barley and uses a special enzyme technology to create a beer containing beta-glucans. Research has found that these natural grain fibers can lower cholesterol. … Continue reading

Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock

Via Utterly Boring comes this article about Sam Adams’ new Chocolate Bock (I’m not linking to the original article on cleveland.com because the site has that dumb "register before accessing" form on it): Limited-edition specialty product from the 20-year-old Boston Beer Co., arguably the most significant player in the craft-brew … Continue reading