The best news for North Carolina

Even better than earlier good news: The Senate gave final approval to up the alcohol level to 15% (from six). The only possible snag they face now is if their governor vetoes it. Is that likely?

PBR in Portland

On Sunday the Oregonian ran an article called The Pabst and the present, where the author tries to get to the bottom of the surge in popularity of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer in Portland. Neal Stewart, the marketing director for Pabst, said the Portland phenomenon had perplexed the folks at … Continue reading

Good news for North Carolina

According to the AP Wire, N.C. Senate gives initial OK to removing alcohol cap on beverages. The article is careful to point out that the approval is tentative, but still, that’s progress. North Carolina may get the limit raised to 15 percent (from six). I realized also why I was … Continue reading

Back in March I pointed to a couple of beer podcasts. I hadn’t really looked around for any more since then, but another site flitted onto my radar tonight: I haven’t listened to any of their ‘casts yet, but this is their welcome message: Our podcast is an internet … Continue reading

Rogue Beer & Cheese

The Pacific Northwest Cheese Project blog has a review of an event I’d never heard of before: Rogue‘s Beer, Cheese & Chocolate Dinner & Tasting. Rogue’s Hazlenut Brown Ale, on the sweeter side for a beer, was really nicely paired with a chocolate chip hazelnut cookie – not something I … Continue reading

OBF Wrap-up

I’ve been watching for Oregon Brewers Festival reports all weekend, and am glad to see a few more turning up tonight. Let’s go: The BlueOregon article added an update, highlighting some favorite beers. Gone Ronin has a good post. I missed part of this one the first time around: Zeroes … Continue reading

OBF Day 1

I’m not at the Oregon Brewers Festival, but I am watching for mention of it online. It’s the next best thing! 🙂 Here’s an aggregate of some links so far: BlueOregon has posted an Insiders Guide to the Oregon Brew Festival. Fantastic article, there’s even links to PDF checklists for … Continue reading

Blue Oregon on Roots Brewing

BlueOregon has a good article on Roots Organic Brewing, the brewery I wrote about back in April. It’s quite a bit more comprehensive than my original note about the brewery. Craig and Jason are currently the whole staff. If you stop in, one of them will pour you a beer … Continue reading

Chelsea Lane beers

As I wrote over on, Chelsea Lane, Bend’s long-standing wine shop, is closing, and they’re selling everything at discount. I managed to pick up four otherwise harder-to-find beers (hard to find here in Central Oregon, anyway) for 15% off: Chimay Ale – okay, this one’s easy to find around … Continue reading

Oregon Beer Week

Apparently we’re smack in the middle of Oregon Beer Week. Huh. I’d forgotten about this, even though I blogged about it two months ago. I’ll be sure to have some (more) Oregon beer this week.