"Beer geek" article

I mentioned a "geeky homebrewer point of view" yesterday, and was interested when this article appeared today elsewhere: Understanding the beer geek. It’s an okay article, nothing too earth-shattering or meaningful, though. Although this one quote sounds to me like obsessive Star Trek fans arguing whether they’re referred to as … Continue reading

Poor Richard’s Ale

Poor Richard’s Ale—this is the one I mentioned the other day that I’d blog about. It’s not a beer being served up by any one brewery—and actually, the idea behind this is, I think, pretty neat. January 17th is the 300th anniversary of Benjamin Franklin’s birth, and to commemorate the … Continue reading

Oregon and Washington Brewery Map

This is very cool: Oregon & Washington Brew Map, a Google Maps-enabled live map based on listings of all the known breweries in the two states. Pretty comphrensive, but I do have a few comments: some of the locations are off (the ones I can point to for sure are … Continue reading

Beer items on Slashfood

Over on Slashfood today a couple of beer posts caught my eye. The first, Beer: it’s a diet food, right?, speculates on beer health marketing in light of a recent FDA announcement: According to a recent FDA announcement, "whole grain barley and barley-containing products are allowed to claim that they … Continue reading

Rock Creek Tavern history

There’s a post on Metroblogging Portland about the history of McMenamins Rock Creek Tavern. It’s a highly compressed version, but I still enjoyed it. Don’t forget to read the comments, too. Opened in the Prohibition-afflicted 1920s as a grocery and a feed store for farmers. Served beer in 1933 about … Continue reading

The Brew Site 2005 Zeitgeist

Just like on my other blog, it’s the year end wrapup for all the data. I’m a bit surprised by the numbers I reached here; for only ramping The Brew Site up (as a blog) just over a year ago, these seem to be pretty impressive. On to it! Number … Continue reading

Rogue’s Morimoto Imperial Pilsner

For Christmas I got two specialty bottles of Rogue beer, each 1 pint 10 ounces in resealable ceramic bottles (like Grolsch). I opened one of them up today: Morimoto Imperial Pilsner. The review summary: I liked it! First, an oddity: there was no carbonation to the beer to speak of; … Continue reading


Here’s a fun little first-of-the-year account (or end-of-the-year, depending on how you look at it) of something you rarely get in commercial beers: excessing foaming. I had a bottle chilled to about 45 degrees and when opened, foam immediately started spilling out of the bottle. I quickly got it into … Continue reading

Advent Beer Calendar: Day 24 (Final!): Samichlaus

Well, for the final day on the Advent Calendar, it’s Samichlaus, of course! "Samichlaus" means Santa Claus, so I can’t think of a better beer for our final day and for Christmas Eve. I’ve written about it before, so it’s no surprise I think highly of this beer. In general, … Continue reading

Advent Beer Calendar: Day 23: Gritty McDuff’s Christmas Ale

I picked today’s beer simply because I liked the name: Gritty McDuff’s Christmas Ale. I don’t really know much else about it, but the website says: Our Christmas Ale is a robust E.S.B. (Extra Special Bitter) full of holiday cheer. Christmas Ale has a lovely, dark red/amber color and a … Continue reading