Siletz Winter Warmer Ale

I tried the bottle of Siletz Winter Warmer Ale this evening, and frankly it turned out just like the fiasco with their Cholocate Porter: sour and astringent. Really disappointing. At this point I’m pretty sure there must have been some sort of storage issue with the bottles I had: they … Continue reading

This year’s Valentine’s

Happy Valentine’s Day! Not surprisingly, I’ve been getting a lot of hits for searches for "valentines ideas" coming to my post last year for Valentine’s Day. (It’s #10 on Google for that search.) I just re-read that post, it’s pretty good, so check it out if you want to make … Continue reading

Pumpkin’s in the bottle

I bottled up my batch of pumpkin ale this weekend, I should be able to try one in a few weeks. I ended up with 44 bottles (43.5, more accurately). Not bad. Astute readers will recall that I measured an abnormally high original gravity for this beer—1.080. The final gravity … Continue reading

Vitamin beer

Stampede Brewing Company down in Texas has released a beer that is enhanced with vitamins. (Seems like a perfect spot to insert a "vitamin B" joke here.) The Brookston Beer Blog wastes no time in debunking it: It seems to play on the perception that most people hold, which is … Continue reading

The Beer Hacker: Best of the cheap beers?

At the risk of using an inflammatory headline, “cheap beers” seemed easier to convey than what I really mean: American macrobrewed light lagers. Yes, the Millers, the Buds, the Coors… if you have to drink them (say you find yourself at a party with only the cheap stuff), which one(s) … Continue reading

The Beer Hacker

No, "The Beer Hacker" doesn’t refer to a new blog or site (that I know of), but rather the name of a new "column" I’ll be writing here semi-regularly (once a week or so). They will be longer articles covering all sorts of beer-related topics, with (I’m thinking) the underlying … Continue reading

Snowplow Milk Stout

I finally got around to drinking Widmer‘s Snowplow Milk Stout and taking notes so I could write up a real review. It’s a good example of the sweet stout style of beer, though the "milk" part of it comes from milk sugar (lactose). Lactose is actually unfermentable; instead it adds … Continue reading

If you were stranded on a desert isle…

An offbeat post this evening. If you were stranded on a desert isle, and for some gonzo reason you could have a large supply ("large" is open to interpretation) of any three beers, which beers would you choose, and why? Here are mine: Pabst Blue Ribbon. It’s the better of … Continue reading

Old Stock Ale

I thought the Trappistes Rochefort I tried last week, at 11.3% alcohol, was a big beer, but tonight I drank a bottle of North Coast Brewing‘s Old Stock Ale (2004 vintage)—slightly higher, at 11.4%. And believe me, you can taste that extra tenth of a percent; my overall impression is … Continue reading

Deschutes Brewery’s Poor Richard’s Ale

Sorry I fell off the radar for a few days there, I was feeling a bit under the weather and just had a busy weekend catching up. But, on Saturday we went to the Deschutes Brewery and I finally got to drink a pint of their Poor Richard’s Ale. We … Continue reading