Beers for Spring, Part 3

Donavan over at A Good Beer Blog must be in tune with my "Beers for spring" posts, as the next beers I’m blogging are winter warmers and barleywines: On the 21st of March, after a day of eating chocolates and other Hershey candies, I was slumped in a chair in … Continue reading

Beers for Spring, Part 2

Someone reminded me about New Belgium‘s Biere de Mars, which is their seasonal brewed for March. A good early spring beer! The style is of a Bière de Garde, which I’d classify as a beer for spring. According to Al Korzonas in his excellent book Homebrewing, Vol. 1: Bière de … Continue reading

Beers for Spring, Part 1

Since this last week was the start of spring, I thought I’d write a bit about seasonal spring beers. I can think of several styles that qualify, so I’ll spin this out into several posts. According to Michael Jackson in his book Ultimate Beer, the beers of spring are Bocks: … Continue reading

Theakston Old Peculier

Tonight I opened up the bottle of Theakston Old Peculier that I picked up from Belmont Station when we were in Portland earlier this month. Old Peculier is an old ale style of beer that weighs in at 5.6% alcohol by volume—not overly strong, lending itself to being a good … Continue reading

More is coming…

I know, I really haven’t posted much lately. I’m lame. It’s been super busy at work and I’ve just had trouble getting motivated. Got some things coming up, though, including a new "Beer Hacker" feature. Maybe once I get that published I’ll get back on a more regular schedule. Stay … Continue reading

Press Release: Lucky Labrador Beer Hall Grand Opening

PORTLAND, OREGON — This Friday March 24, The Lucky Labrador Beer Hall will have its Grand Opening. The festivities will include beer specials and live music. The Lab’s Beer Hall features the company’s second brewery furthering the notion that Portland is the beer capitol of the World with the most … Continue reading

Goose Island India Pale Ale

Goose Island‘s India Pale Ale is a hoppy, sharp IPA. I found it locally at the World Market and picked up a few, since I was impressed with their Demolition. I wasn’t disappointed! It’s not the best IPA I’ve had, but it’s pretty good. Appearance: Pours a nice thick head, … Continue reading

Irish stout cake

This must be "beer dessert" week or something. Slashfood has a post about Irish stout cake with whiskey-sour icing. I’ve really got nothing to add except… yum. Previously: Beer ice cream, Beer cheesecake!

St. Patrick’s Day at McMenamins

Just a local beery St. Patrick’s Day pointer for Central Oregonians: McMenamins is having their St. Pat’s bash, with their Irish Stout (March only!), and the Old St. Francis School is having their celebration featuring free music (for all ages), Irish dancing, food and drink specials, and (they claim) kids … Continue reading

Lindemans apple lambic

Saw this press release on BeerAdvocate today: Introducing Lindemans Pomme, Apple Lambic From Belgium. Lindemans Pomme, authentic apple lambic from Belgium. The flavor of a lambic is dry, complex, tart, and like no other beer. Frequently, lambics have fruit added as the perfect flavor balance, and the bright freshness of … Continue reading