Other 50 beer/Top beer lists

I’m a little behind in this, but here’s a collection of other Top Beer lists and comments I found in reference to my 50 Beers to Drink Before You Die series.

  • Naturally, I found out about Roger Protz’s book 300 Beers to Try Before You Die only after I started my own series.
  • 50 beers on BeerAdvocate: User GClarkage in the BeerAdvocate forums posted his own Top 50 beer list in direct response to my own series. It’s a good list; there’s a few crossovers with mine, but most are different.
  • Stan at Appellation Beer posted How many beers before I die?, a pointer and a nice writeup on my list.
  • Jeff on Beervana pointed to my list, and that inspired him to start his own list of the best beers of Oregon (or that he’s reviewed). Good picks so far, and some nice commentary/history to accompany them.

And, while it’s not related to my 50 Beers list, RateBeer has published their annual "RateBeer Best" list—the best beers in the world overall and by category, and the best brewers, all based on their not-inconsiderate tabulation of user ratings.