Oregon’s First Organic Brewery

Found this little tidbit about Oregon’s first all-organic brewery opening in Portland last month, named Roots. Sound interesting:

In addition to organic beers on tap and by the keg, the Roots facility features a host of other recycled/eco-friendly elements. The brewery/brewpub is itself a renovated tattoo parlor, and the 14-foot bar is made of recycled hardwood flooring and siding. Inside, a mosaic logo created by local artist Tiffany Shaw, is crafted from "rescued" glass….

Eventually, seven Roots’ organic beers will be on tap, including Roots IPA and Roots Organic Red. The pub menu features panini and other sandwiches.

I like the fact that it’s a renovated tatoo parlor. Seems appropriate :). BeerAdvocate also has an early review:

The place is just off Hawthorne and has a great presence on the street. The brewing equipment takes up roughly half of the floor space, including some lagering tanks in a cold room.

The place has a very Caribbean feel to it with red, green and yellow favored heavily (though tastefully) in the decoration. The bar and woodwork are excellent recreations from salvaged building materials and do wonders for the place’s karma. A good set of speakers delivers a great variety of reggae. Overall there is still a feeling that there is more coming.

Maybe I’ll make it over there next time we’re in Portland…


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