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Oregon Pumpkin Beer Hunt

When it comes to pumpkin beers (one of my favorite “styles” as you all well know) it’s always seemed to me that they are more an East Coast regional specialty* (much the same way that fresh hop beers are a West Coast—and more specifically Pacific Northwest—regional specialty). Hence I am always excited when I find pumpkin beers being brewed by Oregon breweries.

Last year I had posted a (short) list of Oregon breweries that I found were brewing pumpkin beers; this year I thought I’d do the same, keep (another) tally of what’s out there.

I’ll update this list as I hunt out more Oregon pumpkin beers; if you know of any, leave a note in the comments!

Updated: Added 10 Barrel to the list.
Updated again: Added Natian Brewery, HUB, Track Town, based on Brewpublic’s Killer Pumpkin Fest. (Later, added Block 15.)
Updated yet again: Added Oakshire Brewing.
Updated: Flat Tail, Two Kilts, Seven Brides all have pumpkin beers.

* Although Elysian Brewing seems to be the exception to that rule—indeed, I tend to think of Elysian as the pumpkin beer brewer, what with their Great Pumpkin Beer Festival and all the specialty pumpkin beers they brew. And they are solidly West Coast, which is awesome.