Oregon Beer News, 12/19/2013

Oregon BeerHere is the Oregon beer news for Thursday, the 19th of December. Just 6 more days until Christmas!. As usual, I’ll be periodically updating this post throughout the day with the latest news, so check back often. And if you have news to share, please contact me and I can get that posted as well.

Belmont Station (Portland) is hosting a tap party for Portland’s all-gluten-free Harvester Brewing today from 5 to 7pm: “Here at Belmont Station, we want everybody to love beer (and cider and mead) as much as we do. But we also know that a growing number of people find themselves with a gluten intolerance or sensitivity. That is one reason why we offer a permanent cider tap. And now we will be test-driving a dedicated gluten-free beer tap. Our friends at Harvester Brewing have started kegging their certified gluten-free beer and they will be here to help us launch our gluten-free beer tap! Come say hi, learn about their gluten-free beers, and maybe even get a great gluten-free sandwich from our food cart, The Italian Market! Make sure to tell all your friends and family who are on gluten-restricted diets that, started Dec. 19, they can enjoy tasty gluten-free draft beer at Belmont Station!”

McMenamins White Eagle Saloon (Portland) has a special beer release and meet the brewer today kicking off at 5pm, featuring two beers: Saison Du Will and Saison Nühaus. “Twins Saison Nuhaus and Saison Du Will differ from their brother only in the quantity and variety of spices used to enhance its flavors. Saison Du Will uses ginger root to augment the already present, subtle spice of peppercorns and a lively French saison yeast strain. Saison Nühaus is slightly tart thanks to a heavy-handed dose of rosehips, and both are dosed with the same spice medley of nutmeg, clove, cacao nib, orange peel, and cinnamon used in Edgefield Distillery’s new Three Rocks Spiced Rum. Studies in how light, bright beers react to prolonged aging on American oak these beers are two halves of the same whole and equally delicious.”

McMenamins Kennedy School (Portland) has a special beer release today starting at 5pm, for Rum Barrel-Aged Kris Kringle: “We have a special holiday treat for you this year! We took everyones favorite winter warmer, and socked it away for three month’s in a Three Rocks Rum barrel. The result is a complex and uniquely flavorful holiday ale. This Winter Warmer is the perfect complement to a fireside cigar and cold winter nights. Your Kennedy School brewers hope you enjoy this distinct and festive offering. Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!” There are food specials to pair with the beer, as well.

Ninkasi Brewing (Eugene) is releasing a brand new beer for 2014: Dawn of the Red IRA (India Red Ale), a 7% limited run in their Special Release Series. “‘I have wanted to make an IRA for a while,’ admits Jamie Floyd, founding brewer and co-owner of Ninkasi. ‘The idea for this beer was to make a super drinkable hoppy beer with a touch of caramel malt to bring some dryness and malt flavor into the finish.’ Ninkasi’s six-member brewing team worked together to make sure this beer possessed the right amount of color without being excessively sweet.” And yes, that is a “Dawn of the Dead” reference in the title and on the label.

Burnside Brewing (Portland): The New School reports this week on Burnside’s new limited release barrel-aged beer being released tomorrow (in wax-dipped bottles no less), 2012 White Out Barleywine, aged in Port barrels. “Brewed for the 2012 Holiday Ale Festival, the brewers attempted to create a white/blonde-colored barleywine without sacrificing the complexity of malts or American hopping. A portion of the 2012 White Out Barleywine has been aging in Port barrels that were used to finish whiskey for a year. The resulting brew is winey, complex, and boozy. It was then balanced with a portion of a new fresh 2013 White Out for balance. Brewed using lots of Golden Promise, Crystal, and Honey malts and hopped it with Centennial’s and Meridians.” There are just over 2000 22-ounce bottles available, for $10 per bottle.

Cascade Brewing (Portland): Today is the day their Bourbonic Plague goes on sale! “Today is the day you’ve been waiting for – Bourbonic Plague goes on sales in bottles at 4:30pm PST at both the Barrel House & Raccoon Lodge. Sorry, no online sales, YET. Price is $30 per 750 ml, with a 4 bottle limit.”

Silver  Moon Brewing (Bend) announced the second in their Icon Series of bottled beers, this one called Kirk’s Clavicle Recovery Red, in conjunction “with the free-wheelin’ folks at Hutch’s Bicycles of Bend, and the Hutch’s Cycling Team sponsored by Bend Dental Group.” It’s an “India Session Red” with 5.5% abv and 47 IBUs.