Oregon Beer News, 06/24/2015

Oregon BeerHappy Hump Day! Here’s the news in Oregon beer for Wednesday, the 24th of June. As usual, I’ll be periodically updating this post throughout the day with the latest news, so check back often for updates. If you have news to share, please contact me and I can get that updated as well.

Bend’s latest Beers Made By Walking is taking place today with Deschutes Brewery, hiking Sutton Mountain’s Black Canyon. I don’t know what the resulting beer will be, but I would expect to see it on tap potentially within the next few months.

McMenamins Crystal Ballroom (Portland) has their monthly special beer tasting today at Ringler’s Pub from 5 to 9pm, featuring Stephen Weizen: “The Stephenweizen is a brew brought to the Crystal Ballroom by our new brewer Stephen Harper. Stephen came to the Crystal Brewery from the McMenamins Oak Hills location where the StephenWeizen was a local favorite. The part that makes this ale so unique is the yeast. The strain used is called Weihenstephan. (One of the oldest yeast strains in the world) It produces flavors that include spicy clove and fresh banana. This Weizen has medium body but suspended yeast may increase the perception of body. The texture of wheat imparts the sensation of a fluffy, creamy fullness that may progress to a light, spritzy finish aided by high carbonation. This style is always effervescent and always satisfying.”

McMenamins The Rams Head (Portland) has their own meet the brewer and special beer tasting today starting at 5pm, featuring Rhubarby: “Our most popular ale has been tipped to the tartside! Ruby already gives us the refreshment we crave with its light deliciousness and a tainting of tartness and sweetness from the raspberries, but now it’s time to go full throttle for a limited release to showcase the brew’s versatility. The rhubarb stalks have contributed their characteristic sour qualities, and a small earthy note as well. Cheers!”

And, McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse (Hillsboro) has their monthly Roadhouse Beer Tasting today from 6 to 9pm, and this month they are featuring the CPR Brewery’s Pepperfest ’15: “Don’t miss CPR Brewery’s Pepperfest ’15, featuring past favorites Aztec Chocolate Chili Stout, Jalapa Lager, Conflagration Habanero IPA and introducing Roja Diabla-a blazing red ale infused with Scotch Bonnet peppers soaked in Roadhouse distilled White Owl Whiskey.” Beers pouring include Aztec Chocolate Chili Stout, Roja Diabla, Conflagration IPA (with Habanero peppers), and Jalapa Lager. A hot time tonight!

Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider (Portland) is releasing their summer seasonal, The Passion, today in a release party at their tasting room from 4 to 10pm: “My acclaimed super-sour berlinerweisse-inspired summer seasonal is brought forth on this day at the taproom. Behold The Passion! My cider scientists proclaim that this is more than twice as tart as anything else I’ve produced so if you have too much tooth enamel, this might solve your problem. No advance tickets needed, just come on down and bring cash for the food. 21+ only in the taproom.”

Belmont Station (Portland) is continuing the cider theme with a bottle tasting from Portland Cider Company from 5 to 7pm: “Portland Cider Week continues with a tasting in the bottle shop of the entire Portland Cider Co. lineup: Kinda Dry, Sorta Sweet, Hop’rageous and Perfect Perry. Plus, we will be pouring a very special keg of StrawPerry, their perry with added Hood River strawberries, in the biercafe.”

And Oregon Cider Week continues today as well! In addition to the cider events above, here’s what else is going on today:

Uptown Market (Portland) is celebrating the grand opening of their new Lake Oswego location starting today, with: “Guest tastings with Oakshire Brewing and Hop Valley Brewing Co. from 2pm-5pm.
Georgetown Brewing and Ninkasi Brewing from 5pm-8pm.”

The Bier Stein (Eugene): Today in addition to the cider event listed above, it’s their Tapping Into Community program that starts at 5pm, which “is the Bier Stein’s giving program that connects beer, nonprofits, and you!” Today’s beneficiary is Habitat for Humanity: “We’re all familiar with the good work that the folks at Habitat for Humanity do– well, this is a great opportunity to support the local branch by drinking beer! We will be running a keg of Viking Braggot, and proceeds from that keg will be donated to Habitat. Cheers!”

The Green Dragon (Portland): Tonight they have a very special Green Dragon Brew Crew release, Honey in the Sun Pale Ale: “With this week’s release of Honey In the Sun Pale Ale, the Brew Crew has crafted 50,000 pints here at the Green Dragon. It’s an amazing milestone, so come toast this achievement Wednesday, June 24th at 5pm. Honey in the Sun Pale Ale was created with guest brewer Ron Rich of the High Street Homebrew Club. The recipe includes wildflower honey, Citra hops, and orange peel. It kicks off with a bitter bite followed by honey sweetness. A perfect summer sipper.”