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Oregon Beer News, 04/18/2012

Here’s the Oregon beer news for Wednesday, April 18. As usual I’ll be updating this post periodically throughout the day with news, so check back often for the latest updates. If you have some news to share, please contact me and I’ll get it updated as well.

Upright Brewing (Portland) has a special beer in the works for Eugene’s 16 Tons Taphouse‘s anniversary, El Coloquio de Cervantes (via the New School). 16 Tons is having a “Week of Wild” to celebrate next week (more on that later) and Upright accordingly brewed the special one-off just for the event. The beer itself is a “barrel-aged dark rye saison with raspberries. More specifically, it’s “a blend of Upright Six, Upright Eight, and raspberries barrel-aged with wild yeast.” If you’re wondering what Upright “Eight” is, it’s a batch of the Six that was fermented with a different yeast strain that fermented over the top of the open tank, losing wort and finishing at a much higher gravity. Jokingly, it was then added to barrels to ferment out and named Upright Eight.” Look for this and more in Eugene next week.

McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse (Hillsboro) has a Spring Brewers Dinner tonight starting at 7pm: “This feast will center around “Beer through the Ages,” focusing on the history of beers of the world and how they shaped the beers of today.” With Stout matching Ireland, Pilsner matching Germany, and more—five courses paired with beer (by country) which sounds like a really cool idea. Cost is $50 and reservations are required so get in touch with them at (503) 640-6174 to find out more.

Cascade Lakes Brewing (Redmond): Congrats to Cascade Lakes for expanding their distribution! “Beginning in two weeks you will be able to find Cascade Lakes beers in Washington State. Super excited for our friends up north.” (via Facebook)  Also, I just saw their new seasonal “Project X” the other day but haven’t had a chance to try it—it’s a Northwest Pale Ale with “intense floral hop aroma derived from Mt.Hood, Cascade & German Tettnanger hops,” something that definitely sounds enticing.

Lompoc Brewing (Portland): Tonight is Hop Head Night at the Sidebar from 4 to 10pm, a night celebrating the hops! They’ll have C-Note, C-sons Greetings, Flower of the Gods, Kick Axe Dry Hopped Pale Ale, Valley of Hops IPA and Centennial IPA all available to get your hops on.

McMenamins Old St. Francis School (Bend): Tonight is Curly’s Firkin, limited-edition beer tasting starting at 5pm, featuring Stone Thrower’s Brown—a “mild brown ale with soft nut flavors and mellowed with earthy hops”. The keg is tapped at 5pm and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Alameda Brewing (Portland) has a yummy-sounding cask being tapped today: “our El Torero IPA with Cascade hops, rosemary and lemon”. They tapped the cask at 2pm and something about that combination of additions just sounds appetizing.

McMenamins Cedar Hills (Beaverton) also has a limited-edition beer tasting today: Forged in Fire Extra Pale Ale. “Simplicity at its finest. This month, Oak Hills brewer Tony Balzola presents his Forged In Fire cask-conditioned extra pale. This tasty ale is made with a base of all pilsner malt, and using only Amarillo hops for bittering, flavor and aroma. It is a crisp and clean draught with a strong fruity hop presence.” It’s 5.5% abv and was tapped at 4pm; when the keg is gone, (you know the drill) it’s gone.

The Green Dragon (Portland) has a Green Dragon Brew Crew release tonight from 5 to 8pm, featuring Hoppy Night CDA: “This Cascadian Dark Ale boasts a strong, hoppy aroma with hints of chocolate, citrus and pine. A foundation of Caramel malts provides a dark body and creamy tan head while maintaining a light mouthfeel and dry finish.” 6.9% abv.

Very last minute! BridgePort Brewing (Portland) is in Bend today and tomorrow, and right now they’re over at Bend’s Brother Jon’s Public House until 5:30, and then heading over to the Platypus Pub from 6 to 8pm tonight. Then tomorrow, they’ll be at the Broken Top Bottle Shop from 7 to 9pm. Brewmaster Jeff Edgerton is pouring beer and giving away swag, and if you tell them you saw the announcement on Facebook you can win a prize.