Oregon Beer News, 03/28/2012

Oregon BeerHere’s the Oregon beer news for Wednesday, March 28th. The month is winding down and then April kicks off what might be termed “festival season” with fests, beer weeks, and other events ramping up. As usual I’ll be periodically updating this news post throughout the day so check back often, and if you have some news to share please contact me and I’ll update it.

MacTarnahan’s Brewing (Portland) has their “Grifter Reemergence” party and Brewer’s Dinner tonight from 5 to 8pm (dinner starting at 6). Cost is $40 but it looks like sales have ended (though you could still call 503-228-5269 to find out if there are any openings). The dinner is 4 courses paired with Mac’s beers, and they’ll additionally have live music, beer bingo and lots of prizes to give away (all for the “criminally delicious celebration” for Grifter IPA).

The Green Dragon (Portland) has a new Green Dragon Brew Crew release tonight from 5 to 8pm and it’s a yummy-sounding one: Descent into Darkness, an 11% abv Russian Imperial Stout. “Based upon our gold medal winning stout recipe this beer was brewed on 12/23/11. Brewed with a massive malt bill consisting of seven grains this huge beer has a tight head and is malty with good bittering. After fermentation in stainless steel, the beer was aged for three weeks in a fresh Rogue Dead Guy whiskey barrel. The resulting beer is infused with whiskey and oak adding to the complexity of chocolate and waves of roast. Truly a huge, bold, malt driven beer with something for everyone. For the daring you can try the 1-year old Bump in the Night back to back with Descent into Darkness.”

Lompoc Brewing (Portland), whose recently brewed their last batch at their New Old location before having to move out, has announced that they’ve secured a new location for New Old (a new New): “New Old Lompoc gets new lease on life, announces return to NW 23rd Avenue in 2013! Jerry Fechter has signed a new lease on NW 23rd Ave w/developer CE John Co. The pub will be built in a new LEED Gold four-story, mixed-use building in the exact same location on the block. We’re looking to reopen in summer 2013 – we’ll drink to that!” And: “The new space will be a pub only, with all brewing operations shifting to the Lompoc Brewery at 3901 N Williams Ave. Lompoc will lose its patio space in the back, but will gain a large outdoor patio in the front of the building, with a portion of it covered and heated.” Glad to see they’ll be back up and running in some form.

McMenamins Old St. Francis School (Bend) has a limited-edition beer tasting tonight, featuring “Curly’s Firkin” of Dry-hopped Workingman’s Red: “For tonights O’Kane’s release Mike ‘Curly’ White has stuffed the famous firkin chock full of dry hop cones to give this popular company standard a floral and flavor-filled kick. Take off those work gloves, roll up your sleeves and enjoy!” The tasting starts at 5pm and lasts until the keg is empty.

McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse (Hillsboro) has a limited-edition beer tasting also—in this case, a beer and whiskey tasting: “This month, come out for Three Owls: Barn Owl Bitter (a Roadhouse classic, a.k.a. “Bob”), Great Horned Stout (robust oatmeal stout) and White Owl (an unaged wheat whiskey and our distillery’s first release). Join the brewers and welcome our distillers over a round of delectable drinks and delicious food.” This starts at 6pm and lasts until the beer is gone.

Silver Moon Brewing (Bend) has a new spring seasonal they’re announcing: “SnoeGaarden” Belgian Wit (a play on, and tribue to, Hoegaarden). They note that they’re serving it with an orange slice (which I’ve seen done with the Witbiers much in the same way you see lemon slices with Hefeweizen). It’s 5.4% abv.