Oregon Beer News, 02/17/2016

Oregon BeerHere’s the news in Oregon beer for this Hump Day, Wednesday the 17th of February. As usual, I’ll be periodically updating this post throughout the day with the latest news, so check back often for updates. If you have news to share, please contact me and I can get that updated as well.

McMenamins Oak Hills (Portland) has their From the Fishbowl beer tasting today from 5 to 8pm, featuring Melange Belgian Imperial IPA: “This is a combination style, bringing together an American Imperial IPA and a Belgian Pale Ale to result in a Belgian Imperial IPA. The abundance of Northwest grown hops is apparent in the golden color with a solid Pale Ale body provided by the German Pilsner Malt, Munich Malt and Flaked Barley, brewed with a Belgian Wit Yeast strain. Floral, citrus, earth and malt flavors play nicely with each other to create this unique brew.”

Portland’s Culmination Brewing teamed up with the Tin Bucket to brew up a collaboration beer that’s a play on the (in)famous Pliny the Younger: Ferret the Younger. Today is the release: “We teamed up with Culmination Breweing and made a Triple IPA called: Ferret The Younger. Clocks in at 12.5% and this will be your first chance to try the Ferret.” That is a big beer!

Belmont Station (Portland): Their Sweet | Tart celebration of stouts and sours continues today, which will be leading up to a Fort George Stout Month Celebration tomorrow (the 18th). “For many reasons we won’t go into here, February seems like the perfect month to celebrate both the dark and sweet beers alongside tart and sour ales. So from Feb. 13 through 18, we will be featuring four taps of stouts and other dark beers and another four taps pouring sour ales. Grab a flight of your favorite type or one of each and hunker down against this leap year’s extra day of cold and dark days.”

The Platypus Pub (Bend) is hosting a beer tasting with Redmond’s Wild Ride Brewing tonight from 6 to 8pm: “Cora Gann from Wild Ride Brewing will be here Wenesday at 6:00 for a tasting of some of their new products. We will have their InShane Imperial Red Ale and the Hib Hop Ale on draft and for samples. The InShane, a tribute beer to Shane McConkey comes in at 10.5% and 100+ IBU’s, while the Hib Hop Hibiscus Ale is a little saner at 5.5% and 18 IBU’s.”

The Green Dragon (Portland): Their Green Dragon Brew Crew release today is Kilmister Import: “Crafted specially for the 9th Annual Firkin Fest (which is this Saturday at the Green Dragon, by the way), Kilmister Import is an English IPA the Brew Crew crafted with all UK ingredients, then traditionally fermented, oak-aged, and naturally carbonated. The Crew designed Kilmister Import to showcase the best that English colonists might have experienced more than 300 years ago. The difference being that back then, beer that the colonists had would’ve tasted pretty awful after it’d been in the hull of a hot ship for six months.” Tapping starts at 5pm.

Steelhead Brewing (Eugene): Tonight from 6 to 9pm is the release of their newest seasonal, Maple Amber Lager: “Steelhead Brewery/McKenzie Brewing paired up with Oakshire Brewing to produce this Vienna Lager with real maple syrup for the KLCC Micro Brew Festival. Aromas of toasted malts and maple syrup with just a hint of noble hops. Real maple syrup provides a residual sweetness to the otherwise dry beer. 24 IBU, 4.9% ABV”

Vanguard Brewing (Wilsonville) also has a new beer on tap: “Good Day IPA is here! at 6.3% and 63 IBU this golden and very floral beer was hopped with Magnum, CTZ, and Moasic hops. Come down to the taproom and order up your own Good Day today.”

Cascade Brewing (Portland) posted, “Today is the release of Sang Royal 2013 in bottles and draft. Sang Royal is a blend of select Red ales aged in Cabernet and Port wine barrels for up to 30 months with Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Big and bold, the 2013 Sang Royal exhibits flavors of aged Cabernet wine, black currants, black cherries and leather with a brisk acidity and a touch of oak. We will also release a limited draft and bottle supply of vintage Sang Royal 2012, as well as a limited draft of Sang Royal 2009.”