Oregon Beer News, 01/31/2012

Oregon BeerHere’s the Oregon beer news for the final day of January 2012. I think I’m finally back on track from my site troubles and I’m getting caught up (I hope!) but there always seems to be plenty of beer-related topics to write about. At any rate, I will be updating this post periodically throughout the day, so if you have some news to share, please contact me and I’ll get it posted.

Fort George Brewery (Astoria): February is Stout Month at Fort George and it’s “all stout, all month long!” The Brewery has brewed up eight different stouts to feature during the month, and in addition, “Along side the 8 Fort George House Stouts will be a hand-picked selection of regional Stout favorites such as Deschutes’ The Abyss and North Coast’s Old Rasputin to round out the all Stout “Blind Taster Tray.”  Different Guest Stouts will be released weekly.” And, as part of the festivities, the New School is teaming up with Brewvana Brewery Tours to offer a unique overnight tour to Astoria and Fort George (more details at the link).

Deschutes Brewery (Bend): They are set to release Chainbreaker White IPA in bottles by late March, their “hop-forward, citrus-packed beer with an unmistakably smooth character” that was developed alongside of the Conflux #2 collaboration beer they brewed with Boulevard Brewing—though I believe this was independent of the collaboration itself. Chainbreaker, which will be available in the year-round lineup in six-packs and 12-packs, is 5.6% abv and 60 IBUs and is brewed with sweet orange peel and coriander along with the IPA profile and (I think) a Belgian yeast.

Rogue Ales (Newport): I first saw the news on Brewpublic that their “Chatoe Rogue” Hopyard located in Independence (Oregon) flooded and was declared a disaster area—let’s hope everyone and everything is okay! From the release: “The Hopyard borders the Willamette River, which has slowly begun to recede since cresting over the banks early Saturday. Accompanied by heavy rainfall, melting snow and flooding creeks, the water has inundated the roads leading to the Farm, stranding Rogue Farmhand, Natascha Cronin, and Farmstead Brewer, Josh Cronin.” Not only does Rogue grow hops there, but also rye, pumpkins, sweet woodruff, berries, honey and experimental barley.

McMenamins has a special release beer that will be on tap starting tomorrow, and only available at The Chapel Pub, McMenamins Mall 205, John Barleycorns and the Rock Creek Tavern locations—the four McMenamins pubs that are closest to Portland Community College. Why PCC? Because the beer is  honoring PCC’s 50th anniversary and is called “Dr. Dre’s Special Bitter” after the founder: “Collaborating with McMenamins brewers at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse and John Barleycorns, PCC decided to honor this gray-suited 1960s rebel and former student of North Portland’s Kennedy School [Amo DeBernardis] with an commemorative elixir thusly dubbed ‘Dr. De’s Special Bitter.'” The beer is 5.03% abv and should be available throughout the month (unless it sells out before then).