Open source beer

Vores Ol is a beer brewed by a Danish company that is releasing the "recipe and the whole brand" of the beer under a Creative Commons license. Sounds interesting, but I didn’t think that recipes themselves could be copyrighted in the first place; Alan on A Good Beer Blog has a good point about this.

The odd thing about this – and an example of the wacky thinking about copyright being spouted at Boing – is that a beer recipe is not really copyrighted or copyrightable. Recipes, as sets of instructions rather than the expression of the instruction or "a work", are not really property. Only as a fixed literary published work would the expression of the recipe be potentially protected.

The "Boing" he’s referring to is this Boing Boing post which caught our attention to it. As far as the recipe is concerned, I agree with Alan, this is meaningless. But they do specify the "brand" as well, and if by this they mean the design of the label or something similar, then that makes more sense.


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