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OPB on Bend’s Beer (Bubble?), with me

There’s an article on OPB News today (that’s Oregon Public Broadcasting for those of you out-of-state) titled “Is There a Beer Bubble Bursting in Bend?” which covers some of the various Bend beer issues I’ve been following lately and (perhaps more importantly?) features a brief quote from me as well.

And so far Good Life’s beer has been selling well. It has received positive reviews from beer reviewers such as Jon Abernathy. He writes a blog called the brew site dot com which he started back in 2004. He says back then there were just 5 breweries in town. Today there are 9.

“You know, a year ago I would have said whatever we had a year ago was too much. But since then Good Life has opened, Below Grade has opened we’ve got the ones that are in development being announced. I don’t know if there’s any end to it. Sky’s the limit,” he said.

But in a town that proved to be the regional epicenter in the run up of the housing boom, talk like that reminds people of 2005-2006.

I met with reporter David Nogueras last week and chatted with him for about half an hour on the Bend beer issues (and indeed made a bit more of the audio cut also linked on the story).

It’s a good overview piece, and for what it’s worth I really don’t know if (and when) there will be a bursting of any beer bubbles… which incidentally is fine with me!