Old school beer at the Platypus Pub

Olympia BeerIn this era of craft beer it’s not too often that American macro beers are highlighted, and it’s definitely outré to serve them up in a beer bar—but Bend’s Platypus Pub is having some fun and doing just that, with their “Heritage Brew Fest” taking place tonight starting at 6pm.

Come join us Wednesday, February 20th at 6:00, for a night of tongue in cheek fun as we celebrate a few of the classic beers from our past (or present as the case may be). Jamie Walker is the Western sales rep from Pabst Brewing. He will be here to talk to us and give away some swag from the brands he represents; PBR, Rainier, Olympia and Primo.

We will have PBR on draught, 20 oz. for $2.50, 16 oz cans of OLY, Rainier and PBR Light and bottles of Primo for $2.00.

There is a possibility that Larry Sidor may stop by. As many of you know he is the Brewmaster/Co-owner of Crux Fermentation Project. What you may not know is that he got his start at Olympia Brewing.

There will also be some great classic foods to pair with these beers. PBR & Mini Corn Dogs, Tater Tots and Rainier, Nachos and Olympia and who can resist Pulled Pork and Pineapple Pizza with a Primo!!

Bring your friends down to Platypus Pub for a night of nostalgic fun.

I don’t know how likely it is that Larry Sidor will show up—as of Monday he was still in England (after judging at the International Brewing Awards) but if he makes it that could be a lot of fun and would add a cool spin to the event.