Oktoberfest Week: The big one starts today!

Oktoberfest WeekToday is the first official day of Oktoberfest, and right now thousands of people are milling around Munich right now and the first keg has been tapped.

(In fact, according to the official festival site, it’s the 175th Oktoberfest. I wish I could say I planned Theme Week to coincide with such an anniversary, but it was all happenstance.)

Since many of us can’t be there (I’ll get there someday…), at least the internet gives us the next-best thing: on-the-spot photos.

Here’s a Flickr search for "oktoberfest munich" which seems pretty close to being updated with photos in realtime.

Here’s a more generic Flickr search for "oktoberfest", which includes pictures from all over.

And while they’re not quite realtime, YouTube easily has a few thousand Oktoberfest-tagged videos.